Dec 29th 2006

Would I be able to write the date again in the same format? nope.Cause,the whole meaning to the date has changed and that will remain years to come.

I was trying hard to pen down(or should I say type down) words that best describe 2006.I wrote and rewrote many lines.My keyboard has become an engine driven to give me fuel and at last the words found their way into my thoughts and my fingers refused to rest…so,stop them if you can and stop them if all your wishes have fullfilled this year…..

Year passes by,like a river .
It is an escapist just like the river,never lets you hold on to it.
Just as you are about to feel the warmth,it leaves you cold.
It evaporates in thin air,just like your dreams.
It frezees when you want a warm hug and melts when you need a steady shoulder.
The year has many sides to it my dear.It is best described from your heart.
It entices you and beholds you.
It takes away your soul to neverland.
It bites you and cuts you through.
It leaves you hurt,to lick your wounds.
It is coming back my friend so, be prepared.

The Year That is….

This year is about to fill and let itself get replaced by another.

This year was refreshing,yet remorse.

This year was full of blues,yet filled in with harmony.

This year brought in moments so intense,there were caskets made to store them.

This year was not just another year,it was an era that began and would continue forever…..