Back Home

I was not sure what to say when my love mentioned casually
“you will not miss me much when I am not around” ,All you do is see me sitting on the comp when u go to work”

Even though I did try and make sense while telling him that the sense of him being in town and back at home is all I have. Thanking the past 14 months…….I am thinking do we live in a world of sullen impulses…where a little light of faith hangs out there for you to catch it before it burns out….well if that is the case I surely do hope scrtly for him to stay put here…” Home is where the heart is”

I love the thought and kiss it everyday,that i am going back home to my it just the thought that matters? I guess the presence does to..Looks like I am bound to these emotional possibilities for life and am I loving it? yes, sure do.Will it break my heart when they turn invisible? it sure would……….:(

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