is it??

the question asked is gotta do with many things…

  1. Is it possible to change the way AP thinks about Polvaram project(thanks to another blogger it is being noticed and hope we get an answer from govt)
  2. It possible for me to study at brooks next year?
  3. Will I be able to finance my trip to Aussie this year?
  4. Will I shake hands with camera and never let go?
  5. Will I get my son an admission in say a “good School”?
  6. Will I make a difference in Smile Bank?(a community I started in orkut,but did nothing)
  7. Is it possible for the News channels to showcase something worthwhile for a change?
  8. Is it possible for rapes,killings,crimes against humanity to stop for a min?
  9. Is it possible for me to be so intense in romance?
  10. Is it ………………………………

4 thoughts on “is it??

  1. MeiYaNG says:

    Dear DeeptiThank you for leaving a comment on my blog/ We do have a lot to think about in our lives dont we?Meanwhile I was going through your blog, and though I cant relate to the things youve written (since Im still single, not in love and know nothing of AP), I like the way you write. The imagery is very rich and words well chosen. Keep it up 🙂

  2. madhu says:

    well polavaram is such a sensitive issue… dunno how many more changes will be made… it is really important for the govt to think how this project will help the people and ultimately the economical growth but these days it’s the other way round-It’s how economical growth will help the people quench their thirst for money! when i wuz there i didn know how to react… i finished the boat ride and wuz really unhappy that life there will become impossible. Such a beautiful place….i just didn know what 2 say….

  3. Tanikella says:

    seshgiri–thnx for thatMeyiang–Yes,I hate that part of thinkin.Why cannot we just go with the flow.Thnx for your words..I not bloggin much,however will start in a while…Madhu–I cry when I think of the natural resource that we are going to loose..I really do not if there will ever be a stop

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