Honesty is the best Policy????

Have you been ever dishonest to others in life?have you been dishonest to yourself?have you felt guilty for being so?

The Dictionary
dis-hon-es-ty = lack of honesty; a disposition to lie, cheat, or steal ,a dishonest act; fraud.

I have mulled over this for quite sometime and as I am writing this I still am.

Is dishonesty got to be only when you got to cheat or need to dawn that fraud mask?Will you forgive a person you love if/he she has been dishonest to you?Is it that every person who has been dishonest has to be considered a cheat for life?

My list is never ending,however I have my own opinions about this.Here are a few

1.I might not forget the deed done,I will surely forgive.
2.I will surely badmouth him/her on face and get over with it.
3.I will try and not stay in their shoes for the time needed and never will be able to.
4.there might be a deep down scare that it might happen again.However me being me will not think of that till it happens.
5.I will be hurt and will cry over for days,weeks,months to come until I get it out of my system.

I have been dishonest in life and I would not like to be treated bad,rude and be insulted in public.what I would like is what I would want for the other person tooo..

I am right in stating what I believe in!!

Movies Ahoy!!!!!

It is very rare that I missed a good movie in the past 2 years.I was never an avid movie person.However S introduced me to the world of movies and it caught up on fast track basis.Oh boy I am glad for that.I now try and remember all the good ones and not limit my view to only regional or international(American to be precise).

So I have watched plenty and have quite a few directors already added to my fav list.Now yours truly wants to increase the list and also maintain a personal journal of all the movies,directors,script writers and everything about the movies I watch.Now comming to the most interesting part of my story here.

Hyderabad International Film Festival began on the 23rd of March.This is like serving south Indian meal in France kinda occasion to celebrate!!!
I was one among the privileged few to watch

Sarafina! It is a story of a young girl in South Africa and her conversations with Nelson as she calls Mandela.She is born and raised in the pre-nelson got out of prison era.She tells you the story of every kid.The emotions and the portrayal of the Protagonist is something that makes you want to stand up and salute her.It is about the Sarafina’s battle of disappointment and adimiration and much more with the Mandela.She is a school goer and the school is fiercely guarded by police.It is when a battle breaks down at school and her fav teacher Mary Masombuka played by Whoopi Goldberg is arrested for teaching the truth,the war begins.

The students revolt against the system and the alien control on the mother land.The portrayal of the teacher and the student fall in place so perfectly,like words on a white sheet of paper.There dream is of a free,peaceful south Africa and the fight they have ahead is nothing compared to the dream of achieving….

Kudos to Darrell James Roodt he was born in South Africa and made another wonderful movie called “A palace of weeping”.This movie he made was adapted from a stage musical.

May more movies tell us the reality of life around us and give us the inspiration to be a human being with heart to dream on……

The Four Minaret’s

I was at one place the other day physically,which means I was in the era of Nizams for like 2 whole hours.That is when I had the out of body experience.Not that I was dead or mutated.I for once was in the world of photographic coma (2 words invented by me).Now,what is that and how did it happen seems like a dream.Was at the Charminar of Hyderabad.It is simply one of the most hypnotizing structures of the old world.It still retains the old world charm and you stand and wonder “how did they do this” in it’s presence.Every time I visit this place,I am taken back into crazy thoughts. Like, what were the roads like?who lived in these houses?in one word I imagine myself living that era.so let me share the story behind the minar here and will upload a few pics too

It was built by Muhammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 to commemorate the eradication of plague.It is said that the emperor prayed for the end of plague and took a vow to build a masjid on that very place.He ordered the construction of the masjid which became popular as Charminar because of its four characteristic minarets. The top floor of the four-storey ed structure has a masjid which has 45 covered prayer spaces and some open space to accommodate more people on Fridays.

Charminar means ‘Four Spires’ (Char (Hindi) = four, Minar (Arabic manara) = (spire/tower).Once upon a time each of these arches led to four royal roads.Each of the four arches has a clock which were put up in 1889. The monument overlooks another beautiful and grand mosque called Makkah Masjid(more on this the next time).

149 winding steps guide the visitor to the upper floor, the highest point one can reach, and providing a panoramic view of the city of nawabs.This graceful monument is very beautiful on the inside, and is particularly known for its carvings and moldings. The painstaking details result in a graceful, lace-like look.If you visit Hyderabad do not miss these 4 minarets and bazaar of the bangles called the chudi bazaar(will write bout this later)

Welcome to my world of Hyderabad….

pic courtesy Google

Friday Word Step!!!!

first step I take and touch the snow flake,

second step I jump and give my self a bump (ouch!!!)

third step I dance in my crazy trance

fourth step I jive!! yes in it I am naive

fifth what a bliss,I blew myself a kiss,

sixth is near the creek,my knees tremble and I go weak

seventh I cross the river,the water is cold and I shiver

eight is alrite,there is no fright.

ninth step, am there and glare and glare

tenth is where is see my soul waiting for me…


Ok so I am a wizard for the day..that is what a quiz I have taken sed.. (courtesy another blogger) It is a good ego boost for my ego I guess!!!

An old acquaintance passed way today and I got to know of it “matter of fact” all I could say was “bless his soul”.Now,as I am writing I am thinking hmmm what everyone would say or do when I die??? A fellow blogger aditi was right in asking her question about death.So,am I scared of it? No,I am not. Here are few things I want myself and people to do If I knew I’d die in a couple of days.

1.I want to leave behind my little one in kind hands when I die.
2.Die peacefully in the presence of my family and friends.
3.Leave mysterious diaries behind.They can be published.
4.Some one to carry and and write my blog on how they miss me.
5.A neat rock show for my soul πŸ™‚
6.Throw a party and invite kids to it.
7.Some one I know writing and making many meaningful movies and dedicate one off beat one for me πŸ˜‰
8.My parents being strong for my son and for themselves
9.Throw my ashes in ganga near kali ghat in Kolkata
10.Hmmm I am actually think I can add more to this list

How bout you guys???

What made me think today????

There is no reason for anyone in this world to be left out and felt alone.If you have been feeling that way for sometime now look around you.there will be a blessing in disguise,hidden in somewhere in some corner waiting for you.

The above was my 2 paisa thought for the day πŸ™‚

Now I have taken part in amateur photography contest.this was on a network that I am a member of.I had thought I’d leave the network,cause it is useless,you do get in touch with many pals.however,it seems like this throbbing network filled with unwanted mess(anyways that is another topic all together).So,what happens? nothing much I do not even get qualified.That aww broke my already bandaged heart.Then I thought to myself let me bring up something of my own…I have this plan and thank god to my frnd and myself.We are planing to start an exhibition in my town.Yes,photography one only….

Remember I was talking about my Smile bank.If I earn any money a little will go towards it.That is good for starts..Now tragedy strikes and my digicam that is my only cam does not work :(…The other one which is quite Minolta you see is sitting in the shop for quite sometime now.The old man at the shop I think is in love with it.He refuses for me to touch it..anyways I will get it out and start click.I will post them here too and u get to rate them and be a part of my exhibition poll….

Find my old pic that is going on the wall here….

Yippee I am already excited and gotta get this done fast fast and now……..

What Women Want???

This may sound like a crazy trip and it is….

It is natural for me a new century woman to assume that all is well in the world of women.However there have been few incidents in and around me that made me think.

what is an independent women and is it that we need to blame ourselves to things that happen to us?

I have a great Circe of friends.I can vouch that if i pack my bags and walk out and knock on their door,they will open their doors and hearts for me.I too would do the same for them.However,what if a friend is not ready to knock on my door.Most women around me seem to be going through this strange phase of individual crisis.I was talking to a GF yesterday and we came to a conclusion that if we let someone walk over us,it is not his/her fault,but it is ours.Don’t you agree??

I have been trying to help a friend for the past 7 years.She lost her individuality living with her husband who according to her is trying to change.Trying to change after 7 years of making her into a “paranoid,scary and dependent women” give it up.

I gave up trying to help a year ago.However when I went to meet her the other day.I was broken inside out to see her.She was crying out loud for help.I am not sure if I will ever help her with a positive outlook and heart..

I want her to cherish her womanhood,i want her to celebrate the old her.i want her to dream crazy and full fill her dreams.I promise to be with her and lend my hand again.If she refuses to hold it I will slap her and ask her to hold it.If she leaves me again and goes back to the shell….. ……

might just end up and stop believing in the word called you can…


Borrowed Friday word…..

Hear those anklets moving to the rhythm,
Hear the silence in the podium.

She was nervous,he was curios,
She prayed to him,he choose not to answer.

The dance began,the flow was smooth,
She could not tell herself that this was the truth.

He sat in one corner,with a pen and pad,
Writing and sketching,that is all he had.

The energy was roaring,there was a divine presence,
the mood,the audience were all part of the perfect essence.

The finale begin,she moved her body,her mind and soul,
She was dancing to the beat,the song,nothing to stop her from this route.

Then it was over,just the way it began,
There was no one to witness the final bow.

She said a silent prayer to the stranger in the audience,
He was not there for us to witness,as he was in the world were life meets death…

10 min….

Have you ever taken time out say like 10 min,closed everything around you and asked yourself.

What is that I really want in Life?

I did that today, a pal asked me to do it .I want to do many things and achieve many more.If counted my fingers would not be enough.So,she said try this once everyday and you will know at the end of 10 days what is that one thing you really want….Now I can just say hey all I want is happiness and chapter close….however I decided to try it and see if I can get to the bottom of the list or top….try and let me know what u think????