I am generally not a kind of person who is worried about future.Have been living life for the present and past never effected me in anyways.However,my thoughts have changed and I surprised myself this year.

I want to settle down in life.Yes,people that means I want to get married.Now I have been thinking a lot about it.I had numerous discussions with Friends,family and not to forget the one I am in love with.these have been taken into consideration.

Now,my friends and family think it is high time i get married and get myself a life.Is this all I mean I have a great life I thought?in fact do not get me wrong here.My life is great.My love though had different reasons.He has his right to have his own.He is not ready for marriage and thinks that we should not get married for a reason.

Well after these discussion I thought bout this and decided to wait.Then I questioned and asked wait for what? I mean if I want to get married and feel secure I bloody well have the right to think so.Don’t I?

Initially I let myself and my guy give into his thoughts.Not to please him,cause at that point I too felt that I was being pressured by people around me.Then after a while I knew I was missing the part altogether.I am a modern,liberated women.I am a single mother.I brought my son into this world against all odds.SO ,where is the need for security.I already have one my son.But,I need security,i need comfort and I need marriage.I know the guy loves me and I know he will never be away from my heart.But,the thought of a home with my husband and my son fills me with joy…..I really don’t know if that thought is wrong………….