Why wont he commit??? this is my dilemma for now.I have been seeing John Doe for like more then a year now and the sentence “where do go from here?”is still on hold. From my end I have explained myself clearly to him. He knows what I am looking for and want. I am not asking for him to loose his freedom or his persona. I am asking him to make me a part of it. I realised it is very hard for the male physic to think like women do….

It is like we are stuck in a time capsule for now..I can hear the tapping and the nerves are surely gonna break…

I can jump at the first sign of panic and save myself the heartache of attachment and endless tears,(which I did not cause i Love him) My friends say they will kill him.Yeah right I am the one who is in love and I know him better..So,relax my friends.It is my heart and his heart who are talking.

I can sit there on the turbulent seas of his indecisiveness hanging on for dear life and praying that I don’t get tossed overboard before I find his emotional life preserver… but hey… should i bother that is the question “TO be or not to be”