Today and days for long have been absolutely un productive (is there a word like that)…As usual I got up very late and jumped into shower.Got few calls from friends and family.Drove to a friends place to have coffee and landed in office.

So,you see there has been nothing unusual about the day.

Then I realised today happens to be Worlds Women’s Day albiet!!

Here is my thanks to the woman who made a diff in my life..

Amma–She is born under the sign of Leo and true to her sign is a typical lioness.She is fierce and protective about her tribe.She is strong inside out and years have made her look old.She lost a son to death.Still she holds onto his thoughts and lives life for tomorrow.Her daughter is her hope and her grandson her future.She is one women who took our family into her hands when we hit rock bottom and survived every little obstacle.god bless her and her heart..Thanks Mom for being there…