Open House

I read this article in a Mag yesterday

Open House

I am writing in my own words–Once upon a time there lived a couple in Delhi,the man and the women worked throughout the day and they came back home to there loved ones…However the loved ones included not only family but friends who lived in there house from all over the world. Apparently the house was open to everyone who was looking for a meal,roof on top or a warm hug.there was a German student who lived with them for 6 months.Another kid who came to their doorstep and went onto live with them for life.the lady of the house urged him to study,he did and went on to become an accountant in a leading firm…

Now isn’t this absolutely wonderful and beautiful thing you come across. I don’t think this kinda cause will be taken up by everybody.First hell lots of apprehensions,when a stranger comes in,who is she/he,how long will he stay? is he/she a good person? what if they rob us or steal from us? and many more……

I realised that once we open our hearts to others no harm can be caused and god forbid if any harm is done,then we learn our lessons and be careful. I really hope I have the guts to do this one day.

Smile Bank

I started this community in orkut a couple of months ago.Have i done a teeny weeny thing about it? no shame on me no. This was started by me to help the street kids in Hyderabad.To bring a smile on the little one’s face.

So people help me tell me what should I do? I mean how do I approach these kids on streets and help them?? I really want to 🙂

anyone who lives in Hyderabad contact me on orkut for the same….

5 thoughts on “Open House

  1. Hip Grandma says:

    Why don’t a few of you get together and just spend time with them on a sunday evening.Start talking about movies and actors and go on to tell them about socio medical issues when they become more receptive.

  2. Deepthi says:

    gran — i wantes to try that then thought it would be totally hyped up..but will try…Aditi– for starters I wanted to begin in my city..then roll it al over..

  3. How do we know says:

    One, you are from my city, so yippee!! Two, I am sworn off orkut, but if you have any idea of what you want to do, will be glad to point you to junta who are doing similar stuff in other cities. There are hajaar ways to bring smiles to them faces – by giving them free supply of drugs or movie tickets, by taking them on an outing during the first half so their earnings dont suffer etc…

  4. Deepthi says:

    HDWK–yipee,so no bad drugs,we can take them out for a movie and then eat out and night out what say…..

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