I love thee i mean me

So,what was I doing during the whole weekend.. Loving me!!! I was my old self again.Thanks to some decisions made by me in my sleepy mood.This was a great thing i did in many days. I realised I have loads of things to be happy about and will be for sure.Now how did I celebrate the new me?By going to a strangers party and getting piss drunk…Driving through the streets of my city Singing”Rubaruu”.(of course my friends were there to push the car and me 🙂

If you have something beautiful in front of you.Many of us ignore that and look for greater things.I say first learn to enjoy what you have and then look ahead.I wrote a poem earlier about asking time to wait.Well it will never….I realised that few days ago and it is bliss…………..


4 thoughts on “I love thee i mean me

  1. Deepthi says:

    @aditi–u bet it is and trust me when i say it..commin from me it is true ;)@supernova—yes dear I am.Gran–I will and u too help me do tha with your amazing posts…

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