Borrowed Friday word…..

Hear those anklets moving to the rhythm,
Hear the silence in the podium.

She was nervous,he was curios,
She prayed to him,he choose not to answer.

The dance began,the flow was smooth,
She could not tell herself that this was the truth.

He sat in one corner,with a pen and pad,
Writing and sketching,that is all he had.

The energy was roaring,there was a divine presence,
the mood,the audience were all part of the perfect essence.

The finale begin,she moved her body,her mind and soul,
She was dancing to the beat,the song,nothing to stop her from this route.

Then it was over,just the way it began,
There was no one to witness the final bow.

She said a silent prayer to the stranger in the audience,
He was not there for us to witness,as he was in the world were life meets death…