What Women Want???

This may sound like a crazy trip and it is….

It is natural for me a new century woman to assume that all is well in the world of women.However there have been few incidents in and around me that made me think.

what is an independent women and is it that we need to blame ourselves to things that happen to us?

I have a great Circe of friends.I can vouch that if i pack my bags and walk out and knock on their door,they will open their doors and hearts for me.I too would do the same for them.However,what if a friend is not ready to knock on my door.Most women around me seem to be going through this strange phase of individual crisis.I was talking to a GF yesterday and we came to a conclusion that if we let someone walk over us,it is not his/her fault,but it is ours.Don’t you agree??

I have been trying to help a friend for the past 7 years.She lost her individuality living with her husband who according to her is trying to change.Trying to change after 7 years of making her into a “paranoid,scary and dependent women” give it up.

I gave up trying to help a year ago.However when I went to meet her the other day.I was broken inside out to see her.She was crying out loud for help.I am not sure if I will ever help her with a positive outlook and heart..

I want her to cherish her womanhood,i want her to celebrate the old her.i want her to dream crazy and full fill her dreams.I promise to be with her and lend my hand again.If she refuses to hold it I will slap her and ask her to hold it.If she leaves me again and goes back to the shell….. ……

might just end up and stop believing in the word called you can…

3 thoughts on “What Women Want???

  1. Aditi says:

    many women i know are going through a similar crisis of figuring out where they stop being an individual and start being a couple.. i guess it helps to have a supportive partner

  2. Deepthi says:

    supernova–it is,however got to get oer it :)Aditi – I still wonder when will we create that thin line….

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