What made me think today????

There is no reason for anyone in this world to be left out and felt alone.If you have been feeling that way for sometime now look around you.there will be a blessing in disguise,hidden in somewhere in some corner waiting for you.

The above was my 2 paisa thought for the day 🙂

Now I have taken part in amateur photography contest.this was on a network that I am a member of.I had thought I’d leave the network,cause it is useless,you do get in touch with many pals.however,it seems like this throbbing network filled with unwanted mess(anyways that is another topic all together).So,what happens? nothing much I do not even get qualified.That aww broke my already bandaged heart.Then I thought to myself let me bring up something of my own…I have this plan and thank god to my frnd and myself.We are planing to start an exhibition in my town.Yes,photography one only….

Remember I was talking about my Smile bank.If I earn any money a little will go towards it.That is good for starts..Now tragedy strikes and my digicam that is my only cam does not work :(…The other one which is quite Minolta you see is sitting in the shop for quite sometime now.The old man at the shop I think is in love with it.He refuses for me to touch it..anyways I will get it out and start click.I will post them here too and u get to rate them and be a part of my exhibition poll….

Find my old pic that is going on the wall here….

Yippee I am already excited and gotta get this done fast fast and now……..