Honesty is the best Policy????

Have you been ever dishonest to others in life?have you been dishonest to yourself?have you felt guilty for being so?

The Dictionary
dis-hon-es-ty = lack of honesty; a disposition to lie, cheat, or steal ,a dishonest act; fraud.

I have mulled over this for quite sometime and as I am writing this I still am.

Is dishonesty got to be only when you got to cheat or need to dawn that fraud mask?Will you forgive a person you love if/he she has been dishonest to you?Is it that every person who has been dishonest has to be considered a cheat for life?

My list is never ending,however I have my own opinions about this.Here are a few

1.I might not forget the deed done,I will surely forgive.
2.I will surely badmouth him/her on face and get over with it.
3.I will try and not stay in their shoes for the time needed and never will be able to.
4.there might be a deep down scare that it might happen again.However me being me will not think of that till it happens.
5.I will be hurt and will cry over for days,weeks,months to come until I get it out of my system.

I have been dishonest in life and I would not like to be treated bad,rude and be insulted in public.what I would like is what I would want for the other person tooo..

I am right in stating what I believe in!!

10 thoughts on “Honesty is the best Policy????

  1. aria says:

    I remember those Moral Science classes in school when a sister Marie or sister Mercy scribbled “honesty in the best policy” on the blackboard and we copied it down in our notebook and wrote essays for home-work .. when I think about all that I often smile .. πŸ™‚ Whatever goes around me everyday – has confirmed my belief that honesty indeed isnt the best policy .. whenever I’m ‘honest’ it backfires . .so I just know what is the right way ..It really is a lengthy topic .. and worth long debates ..

  2. Miss Iyer says:

    Of course, I’ve been dishonest in the past, and I guess each one of us have been one time of the other.#2. I do too. If I bad mouth the other person, I feel I’ve flushed out all the hatred out of my system, and I can be all smiles and happy all over again.Also, now that I read about the definition, I get reminded of another lille piece I read a while ago.A father explains to his little boy that every negative act is just “stealing” and nothing else. If you lie, you’re stealing someone the right to the truth; if you drink/smoke, you’re stealing good health away from yourself; if you kill, you’re stealing someone of their loved one; etc. A nice way of putting it, nay?

  3. Deepthi says:

    @aria – now that i read your comment i too remeber my moral science class and all those thoughts that were well oiled into the tiny heads.I was not sure how and where to look for solace during the times I was dishonest and then realised that I was not the only one.As you sed it does happen around and at times life leaves you with choices and the ones that are extremely imp are the honest verses dishonest thoughts!!!!@miss iyer – yup i love to scream and get the anger out love it πŸ˜‰ and the story is so true and so well worded by the wise father..I will try and say the same to my little one when he gorws up…

  4. dharmabum says:

    its alright with me. really. as long as the consequences are not earth shattering. i mean, what the hell ya?oh, and btw – that beautiful pic on ur profile – u snapped it? its wonderful! u might wanna set right the typo just below it though πŸ™‚

  5. Deepthi says:

    @deepsat – so true,i so agree on what u sed.infact can i use it as a tag line?????@dharma – u know i love the sound of your name.what is alrite being dishonest? if it is then cool.if is not pls explain…yup the pic was clicked by my cam last year..and thnx for correctin..

  6. Vamsi says:

    Hi,I happend to bump into this blog.. its very interesting. I have a passion for photography and love clicking the different shades and moods.Vamsi

  7. Sujit says:

    if they know that they have done wrong feel sorry about it, then there is no point of making a fuss. On one is perfect! we make mistakes and learn..if the process of learning is cut then we wont be humans at all..

  8. Deepthi says:

    @vamsi – photography is an amazing medium to capture emotions..keep clickin and thnx for drppng by.@sujit – yeah u right if the other realises her/his mistake then the whole problem is solved…and the learning curve is long for us i guess :)…

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