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The link is for you to fill in your and friends details..$5 will be donated to UNICEF on your Behalf…I think 3 min of your time is worth this effort..So go on do not is not spamming,easy and 3 simple clicks can help a child…


Borrowed Friday word…..

Hear those anklets moving to the rhythm,
Hear the silence in the podium.

She was nervous,he was curios,
She prayed to him,he choose not to answer.

The dance began,the flow was smooth,
She could not tell herself that this was the truth.

He sat in one corner,with a pen and pad,
Writing and sketching,that is all he had.

The energy was roaring,there was a divine presence,
the mood,the audience were all part of the perfect essence.

The finale begin,she moved her body,her mind and soul,
She was dancing to the beat,the song,nothing to stop her from this route.

Then it was over,just the way it began,
There was no one to witness the final bow.

She said a silent prayer to the stranger in the audience,
He was not there for us to witness,as he was in the world were life meets death…

10 min….

Have you ever taken time out say like 10 min,closed everything around you and asked yourself.

What is that I really want in Life?

I did that today, a pal asked me to do it .I want to do many things and achieve many more.If counted my fingers would not be enough.So,she said try this once everyday and you will know at the end of 10 days what is that one thing you really want….Now I can just say hey all I want is happiness and chapter close….however I decided to try it and see if I can get to the bottom of the list or top….try and let me know what u think????

I love thee i mean me

So,what was I doing during the whole weekend.. Loving me!!! I was my old self again.Thanks to some decisions made by me in my sleepy mood.This was a great thing i did in many days. I realised I have loads of things to be happy about and will be for sure.Now how did I celebrate the new me?By going to a strangers party and getting piss drunk…Driving through the streets of my city Singing”Rubaruu”.(of course my friends were there to push the car and me 🙂

If you have something beautiful in front of you.Many of us ignore that and look for greater things.I say first learn to enjoy what you have and then look ahead.I wrote a poem earlier about asking time to wait.Well it will never….I realised that few days ago and it is bliss…………..

Open House

I read this article in a Mag yesterday

Open House

I am writing in my own words–Once upon a time there lived a couple in Delhi,the man and the women worked throughout the day and they came back home to there loved ones…However the loved ones included not only family but friends who lived in there house from all over the world. Apparently the house was open to everyone who was looking for a meal,roof on top or a warm hug.there was a German student who lived with them for 6 months.Another kid who came to their doorstep and went onto live with them for life.the lady of the house urged him to study,he did and went on to become an accountant in a leading firm…

Now isn’t this absolutely wonderful and beautiful thing you come across. I don’t think this kinda cause will be taken up by everybody.First hell lots of apprehensions,when a stranger comes in,who is she/he,how long will he stay? is he/she a good person? what if they rob us or steal from us? and many more……

I realised that once we open our hearts to others no harm can be caused and god forbid if any harm is done,then we learn our lessons and be careful. I really hope I have the guts to do this one day.

Smile Bank

I started this community in orkut a couple of months ago.Have i done a teeny weeny thing about it? no shame on me no. This was started by me to help the street kids in Hyderabad.To bring a smile on the little one’s face.

So people help me tell me what should I do? I mean how do I approach these kids on streets and help them?? I really want to 🙂

anyone who lives in Hyderabad contact me on orkut for the same….


Today and days for long have been absolutely un productive (is there a word like that)…As usual I got up very late and jumped into shower.Got few calls from friends and family.Drove to a friends place to have coffee and landed in office.

So,you see there has been nothing unusual about the day.

Then I realised today happens to be Worlds Women’s Day albiet!!

Here is my thanks to the woman who made a diff in my life..

Amma–She is born under the sign of Leo and true to her sign is a typical lioness.She is fierce and protective about her tribe.She is strong inside out and years have made her look old.She lost a son to death.Still she holds onto his thoughts and lives life for tomorrow.Her daughter is her hope and her grandson her future.She is one women who took our family into her hands when we hit rock bottom and survived every little obstacle.god bless her and her heart..Thanks Mom for being there…