Habits of the Rich and the FAmous!!

Disclaimer – I solemnly Take an oath that I shall write nothing but the truth.If friends find it hard to digest and want to kill me please take an appointment and I shall FLEE……

I am going to write a few habits of the famous friends I have and about few habits that I did not inherit,however do follow and practice them diligently

Miss V
Her mom- V get me some oil from the shop
V-looks @ aunt with red eyes,why you ask? cause maam was just applying mudfreak pack on her face.
1.Get up,washes her face,locks the room door for 45 min.opens it now(by the you could have produced oil out of a well!)
2.She is dressed for a party? no to get oil.
3.Looks at the mirror 20 times.
4.Walks out takes the car (the shop is 2 min away)
5.Walks back in changes the tee
6.Walks back to the car,takes her time adjusting the mirror,sits,gets out looks at her chappal(do not match) goes in again. Poor Aunt finally is coming in with oil pack in her hand.
7.V throws a fuss on how people do not let her do things at home(hmm we will maybe after million years)

V is a responsible adult now.She comes to India and spends 99% of her time shopping for latest clothes and is still stuck with her mirror obsession.However the mirror has been transported to USA and is living it’s life and mailing me her daily activities which include,American face pack and Wal-Mart oil(poor car)

Miss N
She is what you call the typical BMTD(behnji turned mod) and she knows I call her that..so it is ok big time ok….
Getting ready for work
Pink shirt,Brown slacks,Pink Shoes,Brown bag,Pink lipstick and well a pink Kinetic(courtesy out old garage chacha).oop’s forgot to mention the pink crunchy and the pink bangles.Yes,I lived with her for 20 year and I think am a little colour blind!!!

N lives in away from India,the Bata pink has moved on to designer pink chappal.The obsession still continuous.However thanks to her husband the only thing matching now are her bag and crunchy.Bravo Hubby dear…..

Mr. S
Hmm I can talk and talk and he will bury me upside down

throw the towel on the bed,S picks it up and puts it in the required position(dimension,angles all measured),throw it again he puts it back again and you get a lecture on how to place the towel properly.
move the sofa by and inch,(sit and watch the fun)normal eyes would not even notice this.His supersonic eyes do notice.Walks ,pulls the sofa back to the normal position,(the line on the floor should be horizontal and parallel to the sofa legs(I too do not know how),move again? it is back in it’s position by the time u blink.
throw books on the table,they automatically appear neat in a millisecond.with position accord to size and numerous combinations.ha ha I love troubling S….

S lives here in our beloved country and the habits will not die,even if u kill them..

Was I mean,rude,overly insensitive otherwise a Big Bad _ _ _ _ _!!!hmmm I am thinkin….hmmmmm

a couple more to continue in the next episode!!!!

Time and Space…

The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make people believe that what they think and do is important – and then get out of their way while they do it.
-Jack Welch

It is true and I believe in the above.Sometimes you have this urge to check on your team and monitor them continually.this tends to make them feel like you on there head.So try and leave them till the date given and let them come to you for any reference.It helps.I remember my boss telling me this recently.

This statement does apply to many things.Like at home with kids.Let them be on their own do not pounce on them every second.My parents follow my kid everywhere and he tends to get spoilt.I say Let him be,if he gets funny then he knows he will get a teeny punishment an all is set right.

Rewind a little – my parents never tried to push us on anything.If mum said you got to finish your homework by 7.30pm.It had to be done and actually it was.She used to walk into our room @ 8 pm and voila the work was ready.If it was not she would ask us why and decide the future course of action(which was default standing on one leg for 10 min)

I am a kind who tends to get nervous and keeps checking on given tasks or anything every second.I infact tend to suffocate people a lot. I keep doing this not only At work but follow it even in personal life….lets hope for less pressure from me in the coming days!!!!!!!!!!!

Life @ this moment!!!

Have you been close to someone? So close that you could actually finish his/her sentence,think like them,predict what their next move is and feel every emotion together. I am sure I did.

But what happens when one day the person treats you like a stranger.Does not give the key to their thoughts and lets you ponder on what is going on.It is eerie feeling.It is like you have lost out on someone.I wonder how does one deal with it?

We loose out on many people in life,few due to unavoidable circumstances,some due to fights and some due to your will.However,if someone who you want to be with let it be a friend or family or some one u in love with.When S/he shuts the door and refuses to accept your presence,it hurts at first.Then you tend to look back at the moments shared and wonder!!!!Was it the same person who was laughing with you,talking to you,singing with you and sharing little dreams with you.

You wish the times come back and wish for the best.Fortunate is the one who leaves you…..to think and wonder if time has stopped……..so what does one do let go or live in the moment?


pic – google images

stran·ger – person with whom one has had no personal acquaintance

Stranger is the strangest word of all.I can vouch for it.

All of us have been strangers to each other till we started reading each others blogs.now we tend to form a group that does not forget to visit your blog.Like a frnd dropping in for coffee in the evening.It has become a ritual for me to visit all you blogs and get my daily dose of your world!!!

A stranger walked into my life once.Choose to turn into a reflection and thinks he is still a stranger to me.It is strange that the path has come to the beginning.Is it a new beginning???

A little stranger moved in me for nine months.He was out and looked out of place like in the dictionary meaning of stranger.days passed by and every minute of his action is strange to me.He fills me with strange surprises!!!!

Few women who were strangers till yesterday are my best buddies.I love the way they shower their love.some show it little and some show it all.It is strange that we were strangers @ first……

Here is a little for those strangers…

you walk on without any fear,
I know you will find someone very dear.

Satur – DAY!!!!!

pic by P lol

Saturday was one of those days that began with an eerie feeling and that lasted for a while and still is on.I opened my mail to see a stomach churning mail from R.That does not stop I am caught in this emotional grill.I baul my heart out and leave home to reach a friends plc to see she was in the same state.I was cursing 21rst and will for long time to come.

However as a coin has 2 sides the guardian decided enough of folin around and showered me with blessings.

1.I mailed a famous photographer in hyd asking him if I can be his flunky for a while.Till I join the photography school.I forgot and decided that this famous chap will never call me.Voila he did and he was kind enough help me out and meet me this Sunday.ha my day was looking good, baby good.

2.I picked up my friend and go to see my bro and sil,they celebrating their first wedding anniversary.It had to be all romantic and all,we were planning to pick up a cake flowers and lots of things.So,my friend and I got out of our place and driving in a the insane mood and a hot sat afternoon and the car stops.Imagine our plight instead of getting angry and blowing our steam(for our day started bad) we laughed our $^& off and were actually clicking pic of old building in the traffic and public screaming @ us he he(i can still see there expressions)

3.We ended up having a ball of a time @ the house and then we decide to go to a temple like good gals and guys(after all first wedding anniversary).I proudly take them to a temple.Now i have no clue if this was the temple My pa was talking about.WE just cruise in and the temple has no pujari,no one in the vicinity to take care of us or the god.Ironic we take care of ourselves and the god and laugh our way out.(certified godswo/men)…….

The day was not bad after all and I have taken few decisions yesterday which will stand right for the first time…

This would make nosense to most,however I wanted to remember this day for life and my blog will keep it intact….

Me the RARE breed!!!

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

Ha,I always thought i was kinda rare breed and this proves it right!

Like this poem I wrote describes me

you will find me where the waters flow free,
you will find me in the forest full of wild trees.
you will try and tie me down,i will smile and run along….
I will leave you when I want,I will come back when you in need.
I am the invisible,I am the unknown.
I am full of mystery for the sane in insanity….


the above is “ik onkar”, comes from the first 2 words of the scared “Guru Granth Sahib”.It means one and that everyone is equal.

I am a Hindu a Brahmin to be precise.Now why I am I saying all this to you and myself?there is this endless debate about what religion is and how you got to follow your religion from childhood.

My parents never forced my brother and me to follow out religion.They did not force us to go to the temple or for that matter pray.So,was I deprived of religious thoughts.For that matter I know most of the mantras and believe in the vedas.However I am not sure of my belief in The “Gods”.

But my question remains.did anyone see the God’s above?did anyone interact with Ram,Krishna or Vishnu for that matter?.Did anyone sit next to Ganesha or Shiva? I am not sure they did.
I for my thoughts believe in those who lived with the mankind and behaved like them.

I am strange i still go to temple,love the smell of temples actually :).Love the prasad love the chants and love the choir and love the namaz.However i cannot get to stay on anyside.I am always confused bout my idea of Religon.

I believe in Ik onkar.I believe that GOD is one and S/He lives within you.You trust your own self and you have trusted GOD.

The rest is for you to imagine……