SOmething that a website had to tell me????

I was going through CM’s blog and got on to a site which has funny and intresting things like the below and thought I’d try and voila It had to happen..I am not sure how….

Your True Love Is an Aries

Why you’ll love an Aries:

An Aries has the red-hot seduction skills to woo you
Never boring, an Aries will give you the romantic challenge you crave!

Why an Aries will love you:

You have the intensity and energy to go head to head with your Aries…
And the undying passion to keep an Aries coming back for more.

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10 thoughts on “SOmething that a website had to tell me????

  1. Chandramohan Kannan "CM" says:

    you were going through CM’s blog and CM didn’t even get to know it… :)hope you find your Ariean soon… unless you have already found him 🙂

  2. Deepthi says:

    @aditi- yes babes it was and it is zapack zoom…i mean too good to be true…@Keshi-yeah keshi,few are just for fun,few u get to do to see if your hearts mathcing with the web.@CM-:( sorry did not leave notes as i passed by…@miss Iyer-Ok,now it is for takes,do u think u can be with yourself or someone like yourself..if so roll on…

  3. Deepthi says:

    @priya-it was fun na that’s what i did it for too and then got it straight on ma face(was happy though 😉

  4. Deepthi says:

    @ gran- the page where u answered the questions wil have a html code.yuo gotta paste it in your blog.if you want it as a page element go to layout and click on html and paste it there..hope this helped u let me know..

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