Appraisal is the in thing Honey….

Here is bit of what I go through….

My mind stopped thinking for the past few hours.Now it is normal when asked to sleep,smoke,eat,talk or do any random thing.It only goes into coma when asked to write about myself in my appraisal.

Yes,that is what I am shaking and going craze over.I am kind of confused over what I have done in the past 6 months.I.e after my first performance review.The reasons being unlike the whole world my job has no specified KRA(key responsible areas).I kind of manage many things.Jim of all trades.However,this is one time of the year where I got to pull in all the mails dated year 1600. It is tad difficult to as few of them have been archive.So,what do I do.I write and rewrite things I have done.Now,this means I got to boast of the good and data specific work I have done.

I got neat friends in office who stand next to me and go like “deepthi this this this is what you have done on that date or “wait I have copy of all the mails you sent” or” here is the for you”.Seriously love you guys for that and thanks.(your treat chai @ bus stop).

So self appraisal is nothing but you got to praise yourself till you get that 5 pointer.I need that 5 pointer badly.I need for a growth,more job responsibilities,more training in a cool resort.the most imp thing more money honey…

I heard one of the guys in office saying what is in a position and why do u need one? Well I do need one to get a great pay pack when I leave and to ensure I have achieved great deal @ my work place.I am after all a normal human who deserves things worth the work I put in right?????

Here is bit of what I go through….