Shine on you Crazy diamond!!!

pic courtesy – my digi

I was driving to work on a pleasant summer evening,my mood was not fit to fix anything.Was listening to “shine on ” and was trying to sing along.There i took a left turn and as usual passing by the lane and the old school road.This was on the right, a gulmohar bathing in the sun ray’s.I had to stop my car and capture it.My mood started shining the song was near perfect.

How I wish everyday was so enchanting and full of moments to capture…..

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16 thoughts on “Shine on you Crazy diamond!!!

  1. Mr. J says:

    You are still the night owl eh deeps??As for the D-Day..well that is when I return home.. perhaps for good. And nopes, I ain’t in Austria, moved to Malta in Southern Europe.

  2. Protegeoflife says:

    hmm good snap taken where u stay to get such nice pics its reliving to see good plants and nature like that so peaceful na good one

  3. Deepthi says:

    yes jonny boy I am,have no clue when i will get over it…hope to see u soon here…@sunrise – i will keep u updated bout hometown….@protegeoflife – wow that is a long name!!!actually the city is gone,now more trees,this one is one tht is still alive :(…

  4. Miss Iyer says:

    Very beautiful Deepthi! I also see you’ve changed your blog template. have you? or am I just confusing it with someone else’s?

  5. dharmabum says:

    floyd is THE BEST. and am glad u like them too.the moments are all there u know – just that we r too busy wallowing in one or the other thing and pass by them without noticing πŸ™‚

  6. Sujit says:

    thats nice. I think everything is present in nature only think is that we dont look at things. In this busy schedule all we see is the people around :(.. and some momets like the thing what you saw rejoice its presence once again πŸ™‚

  7. Deepthi says:

    @ keshi – i am glad u liked it@dhrama – hmm i knw wht u mean and floyd gave me this insipiration( i mean the song)@sujit – u sed it pal…

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