the above is “ik onkar”, comes from the first 2 words of the scared “Guru Granth Sahib”.It means one and that everyone is equal.

I am a Hindu a Brahmin to be precise.Now why I am I saying all this to you and myself?there is this endless debate about what religion is and how you got to follow your religion from childhood.

My parents never forced my brother and me to follow out religion.They did not force us to go to the temple or for that matter pray.So,was I deprived of religious thoughts.For that matter I know most of the mantras and believe in the vedas.However I am not sure of my belief in The “Gods”.

But my question remains.did anyone see the God’s above?did anyone interact with Ram,Krishna or Vishnu for that matter?.Did anyone sit next to Ganesha or Shiva? I am not sure they did.
I for my thoughts believe in those who lived with the mankind and behaved like them.

I am strange i still go to temple,love the smell of temples actually :).Love the prasad love the chants and love the choir and love the namaz.However i cannot get to stay on anyside.I am always confused bout my idea of Religon.

I believe in Ik onkar.I believe that GOD is one and S/He lives within you.You trust your own self and you have trusted GOD.

The rest is for you to imagine……