the above is “ik onkar”, comes from the first 2 words of the scared “Guru Granth Sahib”.It means one and that everyone is equal.

I am a Hindu a Brahmin to be precise.Now why I am I saying all this to you and myself?there is this endless debate about what religion is and how you got to follow your religion from childhood.

My parents never forced my brother and me to follow out religion.They did not force us to go to the temple or for that matter pray.So,was I deprived of religious thoughts.For that matter I know most of the mantras and believe in the vedas.However I am not sure of my belief in The “Gods”.

But my question remains.did anyone see the God’s above?did anyone interact with Ram,Krishna or Vishnu for that matter?.Did anyone sit next to Ganesha or Shiva? I am not sure they did.
I for my thoughts believe in those who lived with the mankind and behaved like them.

I am strange i still go to temple,love the smell of temples actually :).Love the prasad love the chants and love the choir and love the namaz.However i cannot get to stay on anyside.I am always confused bout my idea of Religon.

I believe in Ik onkar.I believe that GOD is one and S/He lives within you.You trust your own self and you have trusted GOD.

The rest is for you to imagine……


11 thoughts on “ONE!!!

  1. Loofa says:

    As long as you believe that there is the divine within each of us, then you can see beauty and goodness in everyone.

  2. ashish soni says:

    I personally feel that it doesn’t matter whether one goes to temple or not…no matter how educated one is…no matter whether he knows mantras or he has read vedas..Still somewhere in his mind this religion thing is there and will erupt whn there are tensions between religions…i don’t say that thr are no exceptions but this is what i have observed around me

  3. Hip Grandma says:

    God lives in those sensitive human beings who spread the message of love and tolerance.You can give a name if you want to but you can perceive God in nature even if you don’t feel like having a religious affiliation.Above all Godliness is manifested in those little acts of kindness and concern from the most unexpected quarters.

  4. Little Miss Muffet says:

    the existence or presence of GOD is a debatable question, since in this day and age we believe only that which we can see..and neither we nor anyone we know has seen HIM… so how do we believe in HIM as an entity? i like to think of GOD as a force which controls and balances the universe..sometimes i like thinking of HIM as my guardian feels good to know someone’s watching over u πŸ™‚

  5. Sujit says:

    I think according to the books I read, vedas were created during the period of aryans, where there had every thing in plenty. so they thought of bringing happiness through knowledge by self exploration. The vedas were a product of it. The existence of GOD can be treated as a virtual being, where we tend to push the worries onto GOD’s stack and move in life. I think temples are more of a place to meditate to know oneself.. that is one the reasons that temples were initially located from the place where people live, few on top of mountains..!.. Now temples are a kind of business..! This is my theory! πŸ™‚

  6. Deepthi says:

    @Miss Iyer – me to was and all these comment were helpful,try and see if they make sense to you.@Loofa – yup that is one thing for sure I do,I see this hope and positive frame of mind even in insanity.@Ashish – u brought out a nice point.I remember once i was wathcin these little kids on ganesh chaturthi,shouting hey ram hey ram,and the other day when I got out of a concert a massive crowd was glaring at my face shouting Allah.I was thinking “why does god burst out in you for these minute things and cause tension all over? cannot we try and avoid these and pray in privacy of our home or heart.@ende – I love it too@ gran – “Godliness is manifested in those little acts of kindness and concern from the most unexpected quarters.” I thank you for bringing this point out.I am glad I wrote bout this and got these answers.@miss muffet – yes,the question is of existence here.I too like the idea of guardian angel.At least I know I can call him whenever I need her.@sujith – thnx for the telling us about the Vedas….and thnx for the commentAll of you made me realize that,al I need to do is ask a question here on my blog and you are there to share your thoughts……

  7. dharmabum says:

    i think there were people, even in mor recent times who have seen or shall we say, experienced god. ramakrishna parmahamsa was one such person. u will feel the inexplicable aura surrouding u when u go to belur math.we’er all confused with the idea of religion because somewhere down the line, religion and spirituality was divored from the process of education itself – something that i believe is a grave tragedy.

  8. Deepthi says:

    dharma,I agree to your poin.I was trying to think what religion would i teach my kid and that is where the whole comfusion hit my mind and i was not sure..infact i decided to leave him to choose for himself.

  9. Gordon Freeman...its too early!!! says:

    i think god and its concept is a sheer waste of time and is a collective ego of mankind which believes it takes a god to make them. And also is a another point of inflexion where by merely pointing your god you can ‘spiritually- read intellectually stunted at a point’, believe in differentiation. God represents all man cant be, and is the only explanation to things we dont know…and is albeit a poor one…

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