Life @ this moment!!!

Have you been close to someone? So close that you could actually finish his/her sentence,think like them,predict what their next move is and feel every emotion together. I am sure I did.

But what happens when one day the person treats you like a stranger.Does not give the key to their thoughts and lets you ponder on what is going on.It is eerie feeling.It is like you have lost out on someone.I wonder how does one deal with it?

We loose out on many people in life,few due to unavoidable circumstances,some due to fights and some due to your will.However,if someone who you want to be with let it be a friend or family or some one u in love with.When S/he shuts the door and refuses to accept your presence,it hurts at first.Then you tend to look back at the moments shared and wonder!!!!Was it the same person who was laughing with you,talking to you,singing with you and sharing little dreams with you.

You wish the times come back and wish for the best.Fortunate is the one who leaves you… think and wonder if time has stopped…… what does one do let go or live in the moment?

12 thoughts on “Life @ this moment!!!

  1. Sujit says:

    yes, it does happen. Initially was wondering how it happen.. later to live with the moments.. and then finally let it go.. let it go happens because things have changed in your life.. environamnet we get ourself involved in so many things that the space the moments vanish..! but they still are present in us.. and will be! they are part of what you are!.. it only takes occasion to get them alive. how come you write your blogs so early in the morning? like 5:30 or so.. I can;t dream to get up..

  2. Aditi says:

    ahh it hurts.. and if someone is an idiot like me.. then u tend to over analyse the situation and end up blaming the situation on myself…

  3. Miss Iyer says:

    Exactly my sentiments when I wrote that ramble on my most recent post :(But oh, “Fortunate is the one who leaves you”??? Really? :-/

  4. Freddie says:

    Truly said Deepthi, it hurts when the one u adore, like leaves u in cold….Can relate very well to ur feelings!!!

  5. dharmabum says:

    i’ve had so many ppl that i’ve been close to. in fact, i mostly don’t differentiate between friends – if they are friends, i just tend to be close to them. and i love them. like, a lot!the deal though is that sometimes, love comes with strings attached. and when that happens, i consciously cut lose the strings. i strongly believe in freedom. i believe love should free us, not tie us, like in a bondage. when this happens, i let go. in fact, i even tend to run away!

  6. priya says:

    If someone shuts the door, he/she is only a loser who are unable to conenct you or others.If nothing at all happens… you need to let go as change comes on the way with new hope.

  7. Deepthi says:

    @sujit – first I write these things whenever they strike me,I am scared hat I might loose them! so the time.yeah to live with the moments is the best thing to do I guess?@aditi – I try to not overdo it,however it ends up and I too become and idiot,infact I lol at times looking at my mood swings on this.@iyer – yes,they are fortunate,they leave and let you ponder on why?@deepsat – thanks,I try and do that often and I agree @supernova – yeah it is, I tell this to all once in a day let it be any task…and wait for the answer@freddie- thanks there, I was sayin this cause I was missin many people.few to my stupidness and few for no fault of mine.@dharma – u sed what I have been thinking,let go and let go of those strings.I will try and do that and let you know if I have accomplished the task.I tend to run away  why?@priya – girl yeah like one sed change is the only thing that is constant? and with change comes new life…

  8. Maverick says:

    The worst loss is to loose a dearest one due to a fight when u say him/her nasty words and then the person never returns…And before u realize the loss, its already too late…So never say nasty words to the one u like / love even in the worst case of anger or fight…

  9. Balu's World says:

    Thats fact Deepthi…n It hurts us a lot…suddenly feels like we lost ourselves..But as we live in the world of reality..we hav to face has got much to offer…y not …we may get a better share of it…Yep..wanna ask u on thin…how com u r bloggin so early in the morning..i hv tried it all my life finally hav given it up…

  10. Oracle says:

    Sometimes what you think will last a lifetime lasts an year and some humble beginnings go on for eternity..quirky are the ways of life!

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