Habits of the Rich and the FAmous!!

Disclaimer – I solemnly Take an oath that I shall write nothing but the truth.If friends find it hard to digest and want to kill me please take an appointment and I shall FLEE……

I am going to write a few habits of the famous friends I have and about few habits that I did not inherit,however do follow and practice them diligently

Miss V
Her mom- V get me some oil from the shop
V-looks @ aunt with red eyes,why you ask? cause maam was just applying mudfreak pack on her face.
1.Get up,washes her face,locks the room door for 45 min.opens it now(by the you could have produced oil out of a well!)
2.She is dressed for a party? no to get oil.
3.Looks at the mirror 20 times.
4.Walks out takes the car (the shop is 2 min away)
5.Walks back in changes the tee
6.Walks back to the car,takes her time adjusting the mirror,sits,gets out looks at her chappal(do not match) goes in again. Poor Aunt finally is coming in with oil pack in her hand.
7.V throws a fuss on how people do not let her do things at home(hmm we will maybe after million years)

V is a responsible adult now.She comes to India and spends 99% of her time shopping for latest clothes and is still stuck with her mirror obsession.However the mirror has been transported to USA and is living it’s life and mailing me her daily activities which include,American face pack and Wal-Mart oil(poor car)

Miss N
She is what you call the typical BMTD(behnji turned mod) and she knows I call her that..so it is ok big time ok….
Getting ready for work
Pink shirt,Brown slacks,Pink Shoes,Brown bag,Pink lipstick and well a pink Kinetic(courtesy out old garage chacha).oop’s forgot to mention the pink crunchy and the pink bangles.Yes,I lived with her for 20 year and I think am a little colour blind!!!

N lives in away from India,the Bata pink has moved on to designer pink chappal.The obsession still continuous.However thanks to her husband the only thing matching now are her bag and crunchy.Bravo Hubby dear…..

Mr. S
Hmm I can talk and talk and he will bury me upside down

throw the towel on the bed,S picks it up and puts it in the required position(dimension,angles all measured),throw it again he puts it back again and you get a lecture on how to place the towel properly.
move the sofa by and inch,(sit and watch the fun)normal eyes would not even notice this.His supersonic eyes do notice.Walks ,pulls the sofa back to the normal position,(the line on the floor should be horizontal and parallel to the sofa legs(I too do not know how),move again? it is back in it’s position by the time u blink.
throw books on the table,they automatically appear neat in a millisecond.with position accord to size and numerous combinations.ha ha I love troubling S….

S lives here in our beloved country and the habits will not die,even if u kill them..

Was I mean,rude,overly insensitive otherwise a Big Bad _ _ _ _ _!!!hmmm I am thinkin….hmmmmm

a couple more to continue in the next episode!!!!

4 thoughts on “Habits of the Rich and the FAmous!!

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    HAHHA! Know wot? Miss N sounds a lot like our SuperN. Really! She’d be pink all over and not get a bit perturbed about it. 😛 Perhaps thats the reason why she didn’t comment :DAnd sadly her husband is the kind that’ll buy her more pink stuff.. LOLWaiting for the sequel.

  2. dharmabum says:

    thats a funny one. i must admit, i’m somewhat like s. just a little – in that i prefer some order and neatness in my living space. isn’t it funny how we can find others’ ways and beaviour so absolutely ridiculous? think about it – how many times have we thought / said – “i simply don’t understand…”

  3. Hip Grandma says:

    Say Hi to Mr.S from me.Could take a lesson or two from him.As for Miss NV. well we have many like her.Gettting on people’s nerves with their obsession to the mirror.

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