Bangels of the old City

I come in many colors and shapes,
I adorn hands from India to Emirates.
I am like the relationship in everylife.
Learn to accept every hand from me.
Learn to treat everyone equally like me.

12 thoughts on “Bangels of the old City

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    Wow! I loooooooooooooveeeeee bangles too. Whenever I visit my aunt in Hyd or Cal, I never return without colourful bangles or pearls :)Next time I’m gonna make it a point to visit you too. Will you take me to the best shops? 😀

  2. Deepthi says:

    @ iyer – done just take my mail id email me and i shall take you around…aditi – let me if you want few from here…

  3. Deepthi says:

    @Supernova- tel me where do u want themt to be delivered…@ sujit – thanks for finishing the sentence for me…

  4. supernova says:

    Awww, that’s so sweet! You needn’t deliver them, just promise to take me around the place when I come to Hyderabad!

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