Allpey’s Highway…

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9 thoughts on “Allpey’s Highway…

  1. Sujit says:

    alley backweaters is really beautifull place. But after sometime you will feel everything is the same.. as if same tape is being rewinded and one will feel exhausted and think when will the destination come.! 😦

  2. Trinnie says:

    really beautiful!what place is this?also, how did u manage to post the small picture below the “about me” section? I’ve been trying to put a picture on my blog template but there’s some problem with the “onblur” html…dunno what it means tho!

  3. Deepthi says:

    @SN – hmm the journey was beautiful n blissfull too,u gotta try…@Sujit – I agree,however there r so mant plcs arnd,i went insane…and will go bck whn i need nothin but silence around@trinnie – thnx this is in kerala,a village called allpey famous for it’s backwaters…now go to your dashboard-layout-page elements-add page elements-when u click on that u would get a pop up window-choose add photos to page-then uplaod-once that is done u can drag and drop the element on any side of the blog…..hope this helps…

  4. Little Miss Muffet says:

    kerala is so beautiful.. unfortunately i’ve only seen it through pics so far 😦

  5. rajiv© says:

    wow …. memories come back … One of Dad’s brothers lived in alapuzha, backwater country, where getting from one place to another meant frequent backwater crossings of man, vehicle and everything else that goes on. I used to run on the boat to find a seat next to the water to see it splashing as the diesel engine powered it through. then again run out to get the window seat back in the bus after its driven off the boat….I think I will visit your blog more often :o)

  6. Deepthi says:

    @annitya – thnx for the comment adn for visitin..@Miss muffet – yuo gotta get there and enjoy a good holiday and not to forget the relaxing massage and the fish and the waters..aha so not miss it..@rajiv – me glad in helping you bring back pleasent memories.I sat in one of those buses too :)..thnx for visitin and be back for more…

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