Tomorrow is the most celebrated day of carnatic music.It is Saint Tyagaraja’s birthday.

Who is Tyagaraja?

He was a composer of Carnatic Music.He composed hundreds of devotional songs on Rama.Every South Indian will know atleast one of his keertana’s.My fav is ” Endaro Mahaanubhavulu”.
He was born into a Brahmin’s family in the Thanjavur district in the year 1767.His grandfather was also a poet-composer in the court of Thanjavur.
He got married to a beautiful lady called Kamalamba and she too was well versed in music.His guru was Sonti Venkataramanayya.When he was eight years old, Tyagaraja composed Namo Namo Raghavaya Anisham in raga Desikathodi.This is how the music career of a great composer began.He was so immersed in his devotion to lord Rama,that he refused to accept to be at the kings mercy and sing in his court.He dedicated his life to Rama and sang in his praise day and night.

Try and listen to his compositions and feel the great sense of peace that bestow es on you.I thank this Saint for composing such melodies like,Nidhi Chala Sukhama,Bantu Rithi Koluvu and many more.

Pancharatna kritis are a set of five kritis (songs) in Carnatic music, composed by Tyagaraja.
They are
Jagadananda Karaka,Sadhinchene,Dudukugala,Kanakana Ruchira and Endaro Mahanubhavulu.
Wish him a very happy birthday.He still is alive, in the music and every note that we sing and listen to!

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14 thoughts on “Tyagaraja

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    Happy Birthday to the greatest composer of all times!!!And oh, you’ve repeated “Duduku” and left out my fav of the pancharathna kriti’s “Saadinchane”. Actually my favs are “Jagadha” and “Saadinchane” πŸ™‚ I can listen to these two all day! Thanks for that tribute, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Deepthi says:

    @G3 – stands corrected now,i am lookin for these online to dwnld.let me knw if u got any?..my humble tribute to the gods of music..@SN – thanks and glad u wished him to and wht can i call u SN is the reel name wht is the real?

  3. Aditi says:

    i am quite unfamiliar with carnatic music my only brush being morning raga.. but i will try and listen to some if i get a chance

  4. dharmabum says:

    the true greatness of a true enlightened master lies in his acknowledgement of others.like sw. vivekananda said ‘my salutations to all the masters of the past, of today, and to those who are yet to come’. and something like that coming from someone like him, imagine.” Endaro Mahaanubhavulu”, is on similar lines. and is my fav too πŸ™‚

  5. I,Me,Myself says:

    First of all a very Happy Birthday to a great composer……Bravo deepthi….I too njoyed readin it…Really its pleasure for me to see a true classic music lover like u…I don know many of his keerthanas…But I love listening n singing Endaro Mahanubhavulu verymuch….Nyways keep the good work doin pal..

  6. ashish soni says:

    Happy b’day to this great composerI love music but didn’t knew about him…will try and find out some of his compositionsthnx deepthi for this one

  7. Sujit says:

    his composition is too good.. and pretty famous. In fact there are so many concerts that are organized to celebrate this famous composer.

  8. Deepthi says:

    @aditi – morning raga the song vatapi is my fav from that movie too,thnx girl for sayin u will..@dharma – I look forward for your comments, they consist of great saying or something simple but put across in words that sty for good.@imm – thnx a ton and let me knw if u find these on mp3 format.@ashish – welcome and I am really happy to see all of you trying to take time out reading this and wishin him and the music.@sujit – yes,I want to go to the one organized in thanjavur,let me knw if u going!!@priya – thnx girlie

  9. dharmabum says:

    πŸ™‚ – that is truly touching deepthi.u know, i just figured reading all the comments here – that u have, in ur own lil way, taken a step in contributing towards preserving this wonderful heritage of ours. what with rap and hip hop taking over the scenes, youngsters today tend to brand indian music and dance as ‘un-cool’ 😦 i don’t say one mustn’t listen to western music – i do myself, but it can not be argued that carnatic music goes beyond just ‘music’ – it is philosophy in musical form. it is closer to God than much else.i can not tell u how much i appreciate this small gesture of urs – very thoughtful, and the implications quite far reaching. tyagaraja will now be preserved, atleast in the minds of the half a dozen readers that come here – and through them, hopefully, to a few others. thank you so much.oh, and the aradhana festival at tiruvaiyyaru (tanjore) happens sometime in january. what say we all plan a trip there in jan 08? πŸ˜‰

  10. Deepthi says:

    @P- that is such a musical name.what does it mean..@dharma – I love rock too and listen to all kindsa music as u mentioned.however, the great heritage that is in here,should be loved and kept intact.I am scared that,a day will come when the gen will forget these guru’s,these raagas:(.This was my little way to ensure that music plays on…thnx for the encouragement and yes let’s go!

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