To them….

She was from a Kerala Brahmin family.Petite and beautiful.He was from a far off land called Andhra Pradesh.Came to Palakkad to learn vedas from her father the great Shankara Narayana Sravathi.He was young restless and handsome.She peeped from the corner of the parda to see him.Her swan like eyes caught his attention.

Everyday he used to look that side and wait for her to shower love.
Shy,immature,pure that was what they shared.He went back to his village.Was restles night and day.She was being paraded to men.He went back asked his guru for her hand.Guru refused.He sed “you are a Brahman from andhra,Am a Brahman from kerala,this can never happen”.She cried sitting near the river pamba.her tears still flow there.He was distressed.gave up all his social life.

He wrote her a letter,said “I will wait for you at the river,if you love me run away,run away from them and come into my world.I promise to love you like a new born child”.She ran and came into his arms.She came to his village.New place,new language,new surroundings,new people.Her mother came and asked her to come back.She refused,he is mine now and I am his she said.the same eyes that cried,were filled with tears of joy.

The whole village out casted the kerala girl and the andhra boy.They moved into his ancestral house.She gave him 3 children.He showered her with the love.they lived and the family lived on forever.

I am her great-great-great grand-daughter…

her – Bhavani Kutty Amal
him – Suryanarayana Sastry..

I will go back to her village one day and find her origins and mine too.Sit next to the river pamba and feel her presence.Stand under the tree and see them hug.Wait near the window and watch them pass by.Meet her family and thank them,for without them I would not have started this journey….a journey in search of my great-great-great grandmother’s roots.

I will, one day and feel the love all over again….this post is dedicated to them and to many more who made the impossible, possible in small ways and left us behind to follow the footsteps..


12 thoughts on “To them….

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    Wow, a heart-touching real story. It was nice to read it first thing in the morning :)You’re rite, some people do go on and make it possible!

  2. Mr. J says:

    Wow… that sure must’ve been something. I always knew there was something mallu about you πŸ˜›

  3. I,Me,Myself says:

    Thats quiet interesting…That was a very bold act considering the era in which they lived…Im not that great to apprecaite their deed…i can only salute…Got a good morning dose… Thnx deepthi… πŸ™‚

  4. L.M.Noonan says:

    Love is the same the world over. And obstacles must be overcome. it was a lovely story. have you thought of fleshing it out into a short story? I have been doing something like this with a collection of vignettes or sketches about my ancestors which I hope to eventually publish under the title of “A is for Albania”.My grandmother was Catholic and my grandfather was Muslim…an even bigger obstacle.

  5. Deepthi says:

    @g3 – yeah she did, you should have seen her one fierce side she used to sleep in our open fields at night and guard them .she was hot man, real hot@ John – see, now u knw from where and I need help with that blog friends thing @imm – I am glad it was like a good filter kapi lol@aditi – my pleasure and will tell u more in future.@deepsat – @Pari – thnx for the luck will keep u posted @Chandra – I need that, and as mentioned I will keep u guys posted@Noonan – yeah actually I wanted to write a script about three generations. However I do have the short story boiling in somewhere. Just not able to get it out. Writers block as CM mentioned. I need to hear bout your grandmother and grandfather, I am sure it was intriguing

  6. Sujit says:

    wow.. thats great!.. you will succeed some day to find out your roots and discover rest of the roots.. πŸ™‚

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