Let Them Be!!!!!

who are they? what do they do? where do they come from? why are they here?

I was reading a mag today and all i could read was this was obscene,that was vulgar,she was not dressed properly,he kissed her and son on.aaaaaaaaaaa

I feel like screaming on that.why cannot an individual live life on their own terms.i mean look at it, mandira bedi wore a saree with flags on it and they scream and give her a arrest warrant.man come on she was trying to get some moolah and spread the mssg of unity.no,they do not see that,Indian flag was near her feet.now will u wear that for one day? no you will not however u will not let anyone else promote unity.bahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

richard gere kissed shilpa shetty,hmm freak how can a man kiss a woman!!!!that too a peck goodness gracious!so,lets all get into a line and sign a long form or application for kissing and then take permission and kiss.what say?

sania mirza wore a tee with some graffiti on it,who the hell cares man.she is a young kid let her wear what she wants.please watch her game not her tee.let her be….

why do u want to know what others are up to?what if we start invading your life?what if we say you eating with right hand! wrong,eat with left or else we will file a police case.you walking with your head up! no, look down or else we will burn your face…and mind you we can go on and on and on…

Let humans live for once in a free country.where they are not afraid to do what they want.every individual has a right to live and do what is good for them.if someone wants to streak and run let them.if it makes them feel happy then let them be!

Let there be freedom of press,speech,expression and ,let us be