dark reflections…

I clicked this to try something different.wanted to see how my shadow,the mirror and the window look in one pic.will try better tomorrow.

Comments on how to will be appreciated

11 thoughts on “dark reflections…

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    Looks neat although I cant help you with any suggestions. I’m a camera goon, but u don’t look like one yourself, really! πŸ™‚

  2. priya says:

    Nice try girl. Like you I am into pics everywhere as I am travelling… Loved it and especially the background color.

  3. Loofa says:

    Maybe if there were more light behind you, or to one side of you, your outline would appear better.

  4. Deepthi says:

    @imm – it is there somewhere,he he i think i am the only one who can see it…@aditi – thnx girlie for the cheerio..@g3 – he he i go crazee with it and then sit for hours in frnt of the comp fixing it…yeah clavin is the best and his philsphy rocks :P@priya – i love travel phtography too.the background my wall and the pic is one kinda gift i got for my birthday..@nadim – yeah i should ahve used more light and thnx for the feedback nadim@loofa – bingo that is rite,light on the side,the main thing bout photography:( me forgot…thnx to all you gals and guys for the enco…

  5. Deepthi says:

    @ dharma – i tired zoomin in the problem is the lighting inthe room,got that figured out yesterday.@AA – yup,ha gald u could see it,i thought i was the only one πŸ˜›

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