livin with mr.boxer

So,i am a mother of a 3yr3month old.How does one live with these potential little brats?

“Let their be rules” do they follow,hmmm good questions? I still try here are few

1.never say ice cream say i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m-e..I do all the time and end up landing at the nearest parlor with him..suggestion on improvisation please 😦

2.T.V what T.V!!! plea ignorant and give him a blank stare.I do all the time,he learnt the art of operating a remote 😦

3.Horlicks!!yum he loves it,the only problem—he tends to make it into a paste and stick it into corners of the door.thinks he invented a new stopper HELP!!!!

4.boxing — do not ask,we are hiding in the closet.he managed to spot me now runnnnnnn..

5.hugs – loadsa them,kisses one for every time he bathes and eats and sleeps and rests his vocal chords!!!

6.deethi – the name he gave me and the name and me lovin it…

7.single mom – blissful and content