Let go….

How to let go? of the memories we hold,the promises we shared,the thoughts?
The talks night and day,the quite dinners,the crazy movies,the books we read together,the coffee and the deli?
How does one let go the nights spent on bed with radio playing old tunes?
How does one let go of the lunches we cooked and the mess we created?
How does one let go the dreams we shared and the reality we lived in?
What does one do when the memories come back and only make u sad?
Block them? what if that cannot happen? let them pass by?


I am letting them go or wait I did already.
To live for myself for a better today and for those happy days ahead.To see things in light and not to hide in dark…
To live every moment and surrender to the joy.Let loved ones know that u sorry for ignoring them.
Let yourself know that u are someone special,someone with zest and madness acquired…
Let the son know that you a craze mother,let parents know that you a dutiful daughter.
Let friends know that you love them till eternity.
Let your heart know what is reality….
It ain’t a skill,it ain’t a game.
All that takes is one deep moment,to let go…