last shot….

Life is very weird.Why do i say so? cause it makes you go blind,deaf and mute at the most crucial time.

Blind – when you see have too see your tomorrow in today

Deaf – when you have to listen to something that decides your tomorrow

Mute – when you shut your mouth only when the time is right to speak

So,the above being said and done.When is the right time?What if you screwed it up and realised it late? will it help trying again? will the person understand? what if they do not? what if you are rejected? do you try till your are tired?

Well I am going to give it a shot one more time.
This time i am trying it for sure.
There is no turning back.
This is it.
I have my back to the wall and there is nothing ahead…..


13 thoughts on “last shot….

  1. Aditi says:

    i’d say depends on the situation for like everything else there are no right and wrong answeres.. listen to your gut.. and do what u have to do.. even if it means trying till u are all tried out.. cuz in the end u gotta look yourself in the eye and that is it

  2. Endevourme says:

    what has happened da? ur posts are getting serious nowadays..i luved the previous post, felt sad though..written from the heart..take care Da,HugggggggzzzzzZ :D!!

  3. Balu says:

    There will be some situations where we need to give our best, try our best n giv 100% of us, without eying the result…thats wht all we can do…I hav faced som situations wher i hav tried out till end…n most of the times i got nothin though..but still if that situation comes agian iam ready to giv my 100%….Moral of the story- If u feel that som thing is as important as anythin..then do the best u can do…Nyways i wish u success Deepthi :-))Its me again Balu/Balaji/IMM.. hope i will not change my display name from now onwards, i like pepl callin me i feel like iam the gr8 singer “s.p.Balu” :-))

  4. deepsat says:

    The right time is always “Now”. Its always in your hand to decide which is more crucial!!be yourself!!

  5. Chandramohan Kannan "CM" says:

    dearest deepthi, I guess you are bang on… most of us do this only as a last parting shot, instead of getting it making this a part of our functional system…but what is it that really ails you??

  6. Deepthi says:

    aditi – yes lady,i think all that matter at the end is,can i look at myself and say yes i tired…@ende- he he this post was not serious love it was more based on wht descion should i take..and i think at times it is very imp to blurt the serious truth ne? love your concern and shall update my serious side to take rest for a while..@balu – u right balu…@G3- hugzzzzzzzzzz and thnx@deepsat – true na very true…@CM – my blog bro :)a very imporant descion has been put aside or left unoticed for 4 years and if i do not speak out now,i will loose the most imp thing i ever can get in life…and the time is right now…will tell you soon 🙂

  7. L.M.Noonan says:

    Lots of possibilities for what is the cause of your emotional ‘turmoil’ Deepthi. I hope it all works out

  8. supernova says:

    I hope you succeed in whatever it is that you’re trying to overcome… All the very best! Sending hugs your way! 🙂

  9. vishesh says:

    sometimes it is better to be mute,deaf and blind.What you think you missed is for your good,it is like in a puzzle,all the pieces are there,you find the one you need not when you want but rather when it i wanted by the picture to be complete…sometimes…well i am stopping i don’t know much about i will talk without knowing anything …

  10. Loofa says:

    I think understanding yourself and what’s right for you, and then having the courage to do something about it at the right time, are two of the most important things that anyone can work on. Even if you got one of the two, the understanding, that’s more than many people get. Taking the chance to do what feels right, whether it’s late or not, is still important.

  11. Deepthi says:

    @Noonan – I am trying Noonan, giving it my best shot. Hope it works out this time@Pari – hugs for hugs. I still am in the middle of the conflict. Hope it works out…@Vishesh – I ignored the piece when I should have not and when it choose me I played the blind eye. So, this time I am pleading my ignorance and asking for some kind mercy!!@Loofa – Thanks for the encouragement M.I am a die hard optimist and cannot take defeat at one go and wht you wrote makes sense,yes big time

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