nerdy and his tomorrow…

Aku was trying on his granpa’s glasses…he he nerdy boy…

I am a mother and it is natural for me to fear for his future.however, i really do not think too much bout it.Is it wrong? well, i really don’t think it is..

it is his future and he should ideally be the one to decide.

however i will hold his hand now and show him the path.

like a gulmohar sapling,i will nurture him.

tomorrow he will be his master.i want my son to be carefree,emotional,creative,human and more than that a good person from within.

i do not want him to make any woman cry.i want him to feel for others.i want him to be a whacko like me.

all the above and more are what i want…what will he want.. only time will tell and i shall gracefully accept it….

if he falls i might lend him a hand or might let him get up on his own…all it takes is a bond to prosper from today to tomorrow and that thought is too young.just like my son.

when i look at him i smile,i scream at him and melt at his innocent face…i cannot think of him as a grown up with issues.

for now i am content with his today….i am happy,happy and proud to be the mother of akshat the certified brat…

15 thoughts on “nerdy and his tomorrow…

  1. supernova says:

    Awww! He is adorable! Yes, he will grow up. Yes, he will have his own issues to deal with. All that matters is that you’ll be there for him when he needs you. We all stumble and fall and learn; he will too. Here’s wishing the adorable brat a lifetime of happiness!

  2. dharmabum says:

    the key is in being happy in his today. do read about what kahlil gibran has to say about kids and parenting.

  3. Balu says:

    Well…nothing wrong in u thinkin that way….One suggestion to u deepthi…one day u show him this blog…u let him know wht u feel for him…wht u expect him to be…Hope he will grow up with all these emotions n ideas…n will reach ur expectations….Good Luck 2 u n Akshat…Btw..not able to take breath in that huge hug u gave :-))

  4. Miss Iyer says:

    Wow! Mothers!!!!! 🙂 :)Don’t you want to see more and more of lil calvin before you worry about his future already? :)I’m sure he’s gonna have a bright one Deepthi.

  5. Balu says:

    Congratulations Deepthi… U hav crossed a half cenruty….I observed a bit late though…N one more thing deepthi..If u don mind may i have ur mail id please…:-))

  6. Chandramohan Kannan "CM" says:

    If you haven’t already done it, try to get your hands on a copy of “I’m OK… You’re OK” by Dr. Thomas Harris…It is by far the best book that helps any parent understand their kids, especially take them forward in life the best possible way.

  7. Little Miss Muffet says:

    that’s a cute pic with the upside down glasses…wow..being a mother is so difficult..i guess u only appreciate it when ur a mother urself..

  8. Deepthi says:

    Keshi – u know incidentally all my frnds call him bubbles…. :)Pari – Dhanku aunty from Aks….and yes girlie I will stand by his side….Aditi – humble me bowing to you for sayin that….Dharma – will do read bout of the book please…..Balu – ha ha one more to you from aku and hmm shwng him the blog..let me ponder on that thought for a while…G3 – I am not worried, me a bit anxious infact I think I am a super cool, whako momeeeeCM – I bought Dr.Spock did not even touch it…and I am not the one who is into reading all these.However I will try and read a bit of your book and Dharma’s….however I love standing there and watching him grow…Muffet – yeah,earlier I used to get irritated at those mothers who could not take care of kids in malls..he he now I knw how it feels..and much more…

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