we giggle sit and share our life.We share what we call
“the circle of love”

you can call her at 2 am and cry bout your broken shoe,you can drop in at day noon or night,tell her that u just had a fight.

she will sit with you till your pour your heart out,she will lend her heart as a shelter and as a warm cocoon.

she will kick you ass for no one will dare,soon after she will look at you and say you are rare.

she will make you coffee,mix your drinks.she will shop till you drop and say u looking cute in your short crop.

she will stand by your side in each walk of life.she will tell you what is wrong and what is right.

she can make you scream,laugh and cry all at the same time…

she was with you in your childhood park,in your teen hangouts,in your office basement,in your growing years,in a city far from home,in times when you never thought she would be the one.

I am blessed to have them in my 28 years of life..

Vinni,Smitz,Pills,Jens,Anu,Neels,Dimps,Haritha,Unger,Pia,Manisha,Chippi,Dee thnx for being there…..

thanks for being there my girlfriends