color me blue….

Copyright@deep ’07

Click on image for better view

splash,dip,drink,wash,swirl,swim,mix….the many moods of water….

14 thoughts on “color me blue….

  1. Balu says:

    Mistake agian…Thats my account…FYI..In IE 7…if u open ur gmail in one tab…and then open ny blog..u will be singned in through that gmail account u opend in the other tab.. automatically, n u need not sign in again to post ur comment…. Hope u got it :-))Balu..

  2. DICEY says:

    wow, that’s a large image. That irregular swirl in the middle makes me think that there must be a gigantic carp lurking.

  3. L.M.Noonan says:

    Lovely picture deepthi, and I also like the redoration you’ve done at your place. So light and airy. have you noticed that there is another member of the writing circle from India?

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