Before the Rain….

the rains are here,it is cold,cozy and perfect with pakoda and a cuppa chai.

Here is the look at the clouds before the rain..

tagged on memory…

i was tagged by Abhishek about the oldest memory..very intruding i must say….

Well I remember my bro and I saving up the change that mom used to give us for bus ride and buying all kinds of junk and walking back home every other day…saving that 40 paisa and spending it on ice gola,mango,peanuts ha ha man it was fun….

Now Aditi,G3,Cm,Noonan,Dharma,Pria,and everyone who visits here pick up this tag and tell us bout your memory….make us smile…

L.M.N I will pick up your tag soon…:)

Arguments with self…

A big hug to all my blog friends for those lovely and touching comments.I must tell you those words told me how much each and everyone cares for one another…

I am back with a bang? nope I am in fact been living in a very argumentative side of life.I have been dying to write everyday,however something in me did not let me unfold the thoughts that were running through my mind.

It has been a very high and low patch of life and me glad to hit back.Been dillydallying things and for once got into the right frame of mine!!!even though I have passed the age and into 28 I am really glad that i realized my call.

Hope many of you reading this have something that is in you,something that makes you shiver and give you and adrenal rush.Something that you been wanting to do.Make a career move.Say good words to neighbor,ask for apology,write a mail to an old friend or just lie down on a couch and do nothing for the whole day!!!

If there is that one thing that makes a difference to you then do it.

Do it with passion and guess what it might be the best thing that ever happened to you!!!

So,”head on”