Thirumalyaa..I have a name..

This innocent face was sitting there on the footpath.I wanted to scoop him and get him home.did not have the courage…his mother did not remember his name…i hope he does and one day is proud of it….


27 thoughts on “Thirumalyaa..I have a name..

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    So is that the name you gave the lil kid? I remember a lil one that used to play around right outside my office building every morning. She was kutty and cute and didn’t seem to grow taller at all for the seven months that I watched her :-/ A pity about the mal-nutrition. I tried to give her chocolates once and her mum thought I was trying to poison her or something and gave me a glare! 😐 That day on, I simply adored her from right where I was standing, didn’t get any closer to her.

  2. supernova says:

    Wonder how many kids on the streets are nameless… Maybe, she wasn’t even his mother…What does “Thirumalyaa” mean? Is that the name you gave him? 🙂

  3. Balu says:

    I see many of those faces while comin to my work place….cudn’t do much except starin at them, feelin pity for that moment..Hope i can lend my hand on some fine morning….

  4. Deepthi says:

    dicey – hope that bribgs in so mych positive energy ne??trennie – i wonder why the god above makes this mistake of creating kids with priviledged and underprivilidged tag???G3 – no that is the name the mother made up..Nadim – nope,this was the name she gave after thinking for 5 minpri – yes neP – the name is of a god it mean balaji in other words….Balu – i am not sure i am that capable now if u are then i am happy u’s helpng someone..Abhishek – u bet buddy they are strange…Aria – thnx

  5. Balu says:

    Hi deepthi…Wht happend no new posts since long time??? i got used to read ur posts deepthi…come on..wher is the new one…. :-)Btw…how was ur week end??

  6. Rob Kistner says:

    Hi – Rob Kistner here.Oh my Deepthi — this is a powerful post. ;(I am a fellow Shameless Lions Writing Circle member. I wanted to visit and say hello. Artheo and I would like to invite you to stop by Image & Verse and say hello. We have created a specific ‘writing circle’ post that contains an idea or two regarding the circle. We’d love your thoughts. We would also like to exchange links to each other’s blogs. If that is agreeable with you, please let me know when you visit, and we can create our links.I am going to tour your blog now. I hope we can become better acquainted! 😉

  7. L.M.Noonan says:

    I thought it was high time we learned more about the mysterious Deepthi SO I’ve just tagged you.Please stop by my page to get the details. Hope you have as much fun as I did compiling the list !

  8. Balu says:

    Hey..deepthi…wht happend….not even responding to comments….Is evrythin ok?? Hey..cheerup deepthi…no matter wht ever may be the situation…If u don mind wanna say on thin in telugu…”Kastaalu panchukunte tharuguthaaayi, alaage manasulo unchukunte peruguthaayi”Hope u understood….Wow iam saying big..big things these days…. :-)Nyways…. thisisbalu@gmail.comits my id…u can say whtever u want..if u feel like sayin..C..u hav a gr8 time.. 🙂

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