tagged on memory…

i was tagged by Abhishek about the oldest memory..very intruding i must say….

Well I remember my bro and I saving up the change that mom used to give us for bus ride and buying all kinds of junk and walking back home every other day…saving that 40 paisa and spending it on ice gola,mango,peanuts ha ha man it was fun….

Now Aditi,G3,Cm,Noonan,Dharma,Pria,and everyone who visits here pick up this tag and tell us bout your memory….make us smile…

L.M.N I will pick up your tag soon…:)

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8 thoughts on “tagged on memory…

  1. Miss Iyer says:

    This is such a cute nostalgic tag πŸ™‚ I get nostalgic ALL THE TIME.I’ll definitely take it up!

  2. Aditi says:

    such a sweet memory…thanks for tagging me but like i told shitrint too that i doubt i will take up this tag simply because my mind is a little unclear on what i remember and what i think i remmeber from my family telling me all the time that this happened.. its kinda hazy.. so i doubt i will take it up

  3. Shameless says:

    Hi there,Things looking great here. You need to send through a poem/prose piece of 48 words or under for the writing circle contest. Judging starts this Wednesday. Check out the circle site. Email me or post your piece into the comments section of your listing. πŸ™‚

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