quotes me if you can…….

since Google invaded my privacy and the fact that i am in love with it, i keep changing my tag line once a day or a week.

the part here is that each tag depicts my mood for the week and day and so on. i noticed that most of my Friends on talk too have their won ways to tell the world what they feeling so here is a list of my fav quotes by famous, friends,family and some i don’t know

1. i am sooo happy that maybe you should know that reason…(so this frnd forcing me to ask about her happiness eh?) smart one…

2.first it was life on SHIPS now it is Life with Ships(he was on board for a few years and now he is selling them)

3.we do need eggs ( this one is from Annie Hall, this frnd and I have been fighting over who would quote Woody first and of course i won)

the one i like the most is ” Life is like and onion, you peel it one at a time and sometimes you weep” this is is by Sandburg…….

My blog mates if you gotta few witty quotes pour them n i shall dedicate a post and give u the deeps side of view on it….

wonder what brings future????

a phone call changed my whole prospective towards giving up .To give a heads up i was waiting for a yes from an uncle, who would be the most crucial decision maker for my future as a writer. Now I was all high in the air and was all set to smell the roses. I was close!!!

That is when i get a call from my amma saying” uncle has refused to help you, he thinks you are too delicate to enter a profession like movies”. I wanted to hear it again and I did.

That is when it struck me that hey ” i need to prove him wrong and moreover prove it to myself that i am fit to enter any profession of my choice and the choice should not change for the sole reason that i am a woman”.

He must have done that to protect me from the world of horror,couches and much more. but again,everyone has his/her ways of seeing the world.

I see it as a challenge and he actually gave me one!!!!!!!!!!


Not even a day only a few hours have passed and I am in regret.

I have been proud and may be too obnoxious in a way. I was proud that I belonged to those few who never felt bad about the life they lead.In a way those tiny emotional accidents did make me what I am today.

However, I do today, I regret for I have not learned, for I commited the same crime. I have fallen for something that sure could have waited.

I feel stupid plain stupid.Is there a way to rewind this episode and erase it from memory?????????

festive mood anyone????

a friend and I were discussin bout the much awaited puja season at home. we were sure that it started yesterday and were exited bout the family gathering and the whole puja itself…

now that is when this thought struck me and i was scared for a minute there…now what is that thought u may ask??? who will tell me when is the puja in future and who will carry on the traditions…

see my parents come from huge joint families and grew up with festivities everyday.I come from a nuclear family and follow what my gran and mom and few aunts say. If they say today is lakshmi puja then i am like” ok what do i do?” and so on…

now what after,for instance Nana(dad) is the one who lights the diya in front of God,infact parents were out this weekend and i did not even bother to keep up the tradition.I mean I have no clue who will tell my son about all these festivals we celebrate. i hardly see my friends or i for that matter going gaga over them like we used to as kids..

here i am not saying bathe in religion.All i am saying is these festivals have so much wrapped up around them. Like the Ganapati puja, where the whole family celebrates ganesha.we used to run to place our maths books in front of the lord and pray hard that we score in that exam.IF u look back it was fun.then the scrumptious meals that awaited for us..haa i miss them a lot.

diwali,dassera,varalakshmi puja,holi,sankranti and many more are passing by and i am not sure if my son would learn the same that i was taught by my gran and mom or dad or atha or pinni.

I just hope someone is out there keeping it alive………..


went to a friends place and they go wassup??
chat with another online and he goes assup??
call the other and she said ssup??
called him and he said sup?

So what is this wassup i ask,
Is it the new lingo in the land,
or the new phrase from bangalore to bandstnad.

If ask me how are you?
I will say ” great and how do u do?

If you ask me howz life?
I will be polite and say it alrite.

Where are those words which ended in please,
the only thing i hear these days is jeeze!!!!

Is this what is taught in school,
the incomplete english that makes you a complete fool.

P.S – wrote this for fun, no thoughts involved at all 🙂