festive mood anyone????

a friend and I were discussin bout the much awaited puja season at home. we were sure that it started yesterday and were exited bout the family gathering and the whole puja itself…

now that is when this thought struck me and i was scared for a minute there…now what is that thought u may ask??? who will tell me when is the puja in future and who will carry on the traditions…

see my parents come from huge joint families and grew up with festivities everyday.I come from a nuclear family and follow what my gran and mom and few aunts say. If they say today is lakshmi puja then i am like” ok what do i do?” and so on…

now what after,for instance Nana(dad) is the one who lights the diya in front of God,infact parents were out this weekend and i did not even bother to keep up the tradition.I mean I have no clue who will tell my son about all these festivals we celebrate. i hardly see my friends or i for that matter going gaga over them like we used to as kids..

here i am not saying bathe in religion.All i am saying is these festivals have so much wrapped up around them. Like the Ganapati puja, where the whole family celebrates ganesha.we used to run to place our maths books in front of the lord and pray hard that we score in that exam.IF u look back it was fun.then the scrumptious meals that awaited for us..haa i miss them a lot.

diwali,dassera,varalakshmi puja,holi,sankranti and many more are passing by and i am not sure if my son would learn the same that i was taught by my gran and mom or dad or atha or pinni.

I just hope someone is out there keeping it alive………..

8 thoughts on “festive mood anyone????

  1. dharmabum says:

    so u teach ur son na…most of it, i learnt from ma n pa, not grandparents, coz i hardly spent any time with them.

  2. Balu says:

    Hi Deppthi….if u don mind…y dont u teach ur son..instead of xpecting som one to do it… :-)Btw whr r ur 1-1 replies deepthi..busy wid work??

  3. Little Miss Muffet says:

    i wonder about that too..i’m not too much of a religious person but as a kid they were an essential part of growing up…i hardly make the effort my parent do, so sometimes i wonder how my kids (when i have them) will know about everything?

  4. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    It’s the way of the world that custom changes over time, it’s sad in a way, some things are lost, but new things are celebrated, and it just keeps evolving.Hope you enjoy this time, then. And perhaps the family that you look to for guidance in these matters will also guide your son.Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  5. Deepthi says:

    dharma – i wish i can ,however i myself am not keeping tab on these and i knw for sure i am not the kind who will fit into the parents shoes in this one :(aditi – yeah that is question if we have to i am not sure if i will??? it freaks me out..balu – yea been busy with few things and well me teaching is kinda odd cuase i hardly knw anything myself, i mean i knw but god knws confused on this one..muffet – u bet see u knw what i feel and how essentail those teaching were during our childhood…i am gald u did.wanderlust – u knw early morning a frnds an i were discussin this overa cuppa tea and he sed something like” by the time our kids reach there teens,relegion or more traditions would vanish” it rreally shook me up..and yeah my family 🙂 i think i will ask my mom to write a journal about all the traditions and leave it as a memoir for my son..what say????

  6. Hip Grandma says:

    I would celebrate all festivals but hardly told my kids their significance.Today i see each one has his/her own mindset

  7. Chandramohan Kannan "CM" says:

    Festivals are but a way to be together; togetherness brings about all the festivities that it ought to. There is definitely no need to give it a religious flavour. If each of us is taught to live the life of a human than endorse any religious identity, we are really being festive.Let’s help the kids of the new era to live as free spirits, the way they were born, the way they are meant to be without tainting and churning the religious fervour in them.

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