Not even a day only a few hours have passed and I am in regret.

I have been proud and may be too obnoxious in a way. I was proud that I belonged to those few who never felt bad about the life they lead.In a way those tiny emotional accidents did make me what I am today.

However, I do today, I regret for I have not learned, for I commited the same crime. I have fallen for something that sure could have waited.

I feel stupid plain stupid.Is there a way to rewind this episode and erase it from memory?????????

10 thoughts on “Regret

  1. priya says:

    You can’t rewind whatz happened. But to erase, it all your strength you gather to take away from your mind and heart.

  2. supernova says:

    Here’s sending warm thoughts and bear hugs your way, deepthi… You can’t rewind, but strength will never fail you…

  3. dharmabum says:

    the realization that we have not learned is the gateway to some of life’s greatest learnings.even the wise socrates once said, ‘all i know is that i know nothing’.

  4. AlterinG Abhishek says:

    sometimes we are more harsh on ourselves, than we should using harher words to describe something that happneded to happen again.:)time, good company and smiles heal !

  5. Deepthi says:

    aditi,priya,supernova,dharma and abhishek – i am gald that you guys are the ones that do not invade privacy, but stay close and say things that mean a lot to me….it is just that this is not one of those things that can be corrected.i am sure that i knew waht i was getting into when i started this. now that i knw i fell for t knwng i think i must ahve the balls to face it to ne???

  6. Endevourme says:

    y do u want to erase it frm memory haa? keep in mind, this is how we learn n we understand n we grow :D!!take care!

  7. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    Don’t try to erase it.It’s life, we live it, we do well, we do wrong, we do our worst and we do our best.If you regret, then learn from it. Don’t do it again. Ever.Find the lesson and keep it all your life.Scarlett & Viaggiatore

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