quotes me if you can…….

since Google invaded my privacy and the fact that i am in love with it, i keep changing my tag line once a day or a week.

the part here is that each tag depicts my mood for the week and day and so on. i noticed that most of my Friends on talk too have their won ways to tell the world what they feeling so here is a list of my fav quotes by famous, friends,family and some i don’t know

1. i am sooo happy that maybe you should know that reason…(so this frnd forcing me to ask about her happiness eh?) smart one…

2.first it was life on SHIPS now it is Life with Ships(he was on board for a few years and now he is selling them)

3.we do need eggs ( this one is from Annie Hall, this frnd and I have been fighting over who would quote Woody first and of course i won)

the one i like the most is ” Life is like and onion, you peel it one at a time and sometimes you weep” this is is by Sandburg…….

My blog mates if you gotta few witty quotes pour them n i shall dedicate a post and give u the deeps side of view on it….


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