just like that

time seems to pass by even with no work, no corporate nonsense nothing. it was just like i got up a min ago and vavavroom time just went way ahead. i wrote and wrote and wrote my fingers ache. i am not sleepy and moreover i want to have a cuppa masala chai. i might just get out to have one at 2 am in the morning wake up few friends and take them along.

life seems to have come to full circle for the past 7 years. i was working in hyd,went to the capital then landed in garden city and now back to hometown. however it seems that i have earned loads of friends, made few silly goofy mistakes,made enemies, came across strangers who came from nowhere to help me , grew up,had a kid,travelled like mad,got drunk,sat on top of a lorry,got lost in a station, met some famous , some not so famous people.fell in love,broke up,gained 10 kilos,lost 15 kilos….have a small friends family unit…lost elder bro,got myself another bro……started to blog……..and so on…

but god dam it took freaking 7 years to get to do what i want to do in life…..

maybe the seven year itch applies to in all aspects of life!!!!!!!!!!