Bond the name Ruskin Bond

the post is not about the man in the title.every time i read bond they end up giving me chills. they remind me of the chilly nights I spent in Mussoorie.

I met a guy once in Hyderabad for he had come along with Delhiwallahs to attend a SPIMACAY convention. he was lean thin and a total freak. i met another the same day he had come all the way from Dubai.he gave him attitude at the registration counter. i was like 14,15 or 16 teen yrs and in charge of the registration counter then. we had our differences on the first day…

SPICMACAY as you all know or do not is an organisation started by Dr. Kiran Seth to promote indian music,dance,art and culture all acorss the globe…

Coming back to that year i think it was 1993 or 94, we had to sit in this meeting on day one, that is where all the seniors meet and discuss about who is going to be in charge of what. So, without knowing all three of us were trying to avoid any kind of charge, i wanted to have fun and it was same with them. So, when they asked who would be in charge of the Footwear counter, no one raised hands and I did and I could see 2 more hands in the air and that had to be M and R.

We smiled and we were also responsible to wake up junta at 5 in the morning for yoga. ha ha sure we did????

we made the most out of collecting footwear, keeping it safe and returning it to the owner at the end of each concert. mind you it sure is a tough business. i mean you need to remember who they belonged to and what if the guest looses his number tag and all. we did every thing any young entrepreneur would do to keep those shoes rolling in and out. I still remember the nights we spent at that little hut.( you have to know now that when u attend a concert at SPCIMACAY, you would have to leave your footwear outside so that is why we were posted, to take care of them)

slowly the footwear counter turned out to be the most happening joint in the convention. we loved having people over and many of them wanted to be a part of this elite group. we had no choice but to say a blunt NO!

then we departed and met after many years in 2000 in days when we were no sure on where we were going and drove through the hills of Mussoorie. I think we left our young selves there and i wish to go back and reunite with these people who in a way mean the world to me….


5 thoughts on “Bond the name Ruskin Bond

  1. dharmabum says:

    beautiful!i was a volunteer for spic-macay, but that was in college. and we managed to organize some great concerts

  2. Chandramohan Kannan "CM" says:

    very well written, and very touching at that… just didn’t get the name of the blog… why Ruskin Bond??? is it just Mussoorie, or something else…

  3. Tys on Ice says:

    Who wud have thunk? Spicmacay…its been ages since I have heard that word…are u still connected with them?…

  4. Deepthi says:

    dharma – i got into it when i was 10th i think..loved every min of it..gave gradually…CM – thnx dude,i was reading his book and it brought back memories,hence the name and sir when do i get to see u blog…aditi – thnx aditi…tys – ha ha, same here..yup i am with the frnds but not much into Macay…

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