Home At last……..

A day spent with family on Independence day, it was great. looking at them for a second i knew i was right, to be in this place called home.I was ignoring them for some strange reason and today I realised how valuable they are to me…a call from SN, a mail from C, a kiss from sonny and a nice home cooked meal from Pa. my day was great….Pedhanana(dad’s elder bro) was online and the man is 70 but strong and using new words he discovered,like yo,and yea on chat :)…..

Uncle R called to tell me that he did not go Subway,he wanted me to be there with him next Sunday and much on the 6 inch…Karthik was happy to find a CD I bought for him slided across casually…..Atha Loved the thought of me making tea for her. We ended up watching an old movie ( Gundamma Katha) and we were competing to see who knew the most dialogues….we eat pokara, we bid goodbye to meet next week…I walked in to freshen up and wear a pair of clean pyjamas….

Mom was wondering if i was alright,”not stepping out of the house are you”? she asked…

I looked at her and said ” no ma I am happy being home” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Home At last……..

  1. Deepthi says:

    Divya, it is great to be back home..however too much gets on to my u knw wht..few dys is good…Aditi,it is with yummy food and great talk…CM, u bet it i…loewe it…

  2. mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora says:

    it was only when i am far away from where i came from, that the words – Home is where the heart is – hold such true meaning to me… Am glad u made it home on Independence Day Deepthi! Hv a great weekend ahead. (Mush)

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