A part…

there is this breed called “intellect and lucky”, i want to be a part of that….

ever wanted to hear che’s or sardar patel’s voice? i want to….

ever dreamt of sleeping right next to the moon? i want to. last night my son and i were there in his imaginary land…

ever wanted to see re – runs of Nukkad? I want to and feel nostalgic…

I feel like living with Saki for few days and then jumping over the wall and sitting among bhagat singh and his aids, listening to them….

i feel like going into the past for just a few days….few very few i promise….

Deepthi Tanikella

8 thoughts on “A part…

  1. J says:

    Lol!! Past huh… hhmm what is do-able is, that we can meet up and re-live the past, although it ain’t as colorful as the ones you’ve mentioned :PAnd maybe take a rick and go all the way to that damned office 😀 just for the heck of it.

  2. Little Miss Muffet says:

    oh ur in such a nostalgic mood..i’m too at the moment…as all the festivals and especially rakshabandhan is approaching..i miss being in india 😦

  3. TaChi says:

    aditi – tell me if we can rent a dvd sit over coffee or beer and watch this :)…jonny – our plan stys…loofa – awww such a nea thing to say..thnx pal …CM – thnx a ton there and will tell u once i see them…P – u can join us then…Muffet – yea big time and rakhi being one…reason…

  4. shooting star says:

    i have heard che…….got his speech given to the UN council..awesome man!! awesome voice..and awesome belief he’s got in his own vision….

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