relationship etc etc….

Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important. ~Carl Reiner

there are many things that make me wonder about relationships. i have seen few friends who are in beautiful ones and few who in it just for security. the whole point being that i look up to the ones who make it worth it.i mean dont we all?

we all learn a lot from the past relationships. we learn not to repeat the silly goofs or we learn to give more. personally i feel that as each one goes by a better you comes out. like

i know a couple, my dear A & S, u know it is like being around magic when you with them. not that they are sweet or romantic or they kiss and hug. it is just cause you can feel the warmth and trust between them. there is this vibe that feels and makes their world better. these are the ones who fall in love and know that there is a bond intact, which will stay for life and remain after.

aren’t we all the same? yes we all are, however at the end of the day being in a great realtionship makes u happy. it makes you feel that need to improve. it makes u want to learn new things and give in more.

the basic thing is that you have to first learn to love yourself and then give it to others. a realationship is stronger between two people who really like each other. so, try and learn to like your partner. do not get into it just for the heck of it. you know u will fall apart after the show ends…

talk a lot and commnicate, learn to like each other genuinely,enjoy the time and you will see the differnce. all of us tend to wait for the other to come to us, may be we can make the difference and be that person. if you see a point that is not seen by him or her, argue about it. a good argument helps you a lot….talk,talk to him/her everyday.

also another thing that i feel is the most important is change. as they say change is the only thing that is stable…so learn to the change it can be a little hard on you or him but it works….

I am writing this as am accepting the changes in me and for better or worse

5 thoughts on “relationship etc etc….

  1. Little Miss Muffet says:

    oh i agree..communication and the willingness to talk it out are so important…the arguments are fine…how would we make up otherwise? 🙂

  2. Mellowdrama says:

    Nice!! I couldn’t agree with you more. Change is inevitable but you forgot to add trust, I wish a certain someone I knw reads and follows your post!

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