The this and The that….

ever wondered why they told you that all dead beings are stars in the sky.
that all stars are your family of dead.

ever wondered why they told you that the moon has your great gran sitting in it.
that i used to wonder where the hell does she pee??

ever wondered when your elder brother told you that rain is nothing but god’s pissing.
that i feel stupid for believing him.

ever wondered why they have Holli,Diwali for Hindus and not for other crusaders.
that i wonder today is a step forward.

ever wondered why you are the only one that gets irritated when mom is sitting next to you and is blasting over nothing.
that she is right next to me now is making me insane

ever wondered who came up with the dress code for men and women.
that i wear trousers and he cannot wear Saree.

i wonder about a lot more and i wonder more..i Will keep wondering till attain death…ever wondered what death is all about !!!!!!!!!!!