The this and The that….

ever wondered why they told you that all dead beings are stars in the sky.
that all stars are your family of dead.

ever wondered why they told you that the moon has your great gran sitting in it.
that i used to wonder where the hell does she pee??

ever wondered when your elder brother told you that rain is nothing but god’s pissing.
that i feel stupid for believing him.

ever wondered why they have Holli,Diwali for Hindus and not for other crusaders.
that i wonder today is a step forward.

ever wondered why you are the only one that gets irritated when mom is sitting next to you and is blasting over nothing.
that she is right next to me now is making me insane

ever wondered who came up with the dress code for men and women.
that i wear trousers and he cannot wear Saree.

i wonder about a lot more and i wonder more..i Will keep wondering till attain death…ever wondered what death is all about !!!!!!!!!!!

15 thoughts on “The this and The that….

  1. mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora says:

    very philosophical indeed and yes i hv always wondered but so far havent got any practical and concrete answers to any of the things i wondered about = ) Hv a great weekend ahead!

  2. Shameless says:

    Hey there, There’s a new writing project up at The Shameless Lions Writing Circle site. Please check it out and I hope you can take part and promote it. Also, check out the “latest news” section. Cheers, Seamus.

  3. dharmabum says:

    you can wear all you like, but get him to wear and saree and i don’t think it will be a pleasant sight :Pto wonder, is a blessing.

  4. Little Miss Muffet says:

    well death is certainly the biggest mystery of all! so rain is the gods pissing..hehe..that was interesting 🙂

  5. Wanderlust Scarlett says:

    Death is just a natural part of the cycle.People say these things because they need to find a way to understand the world around them. We all understand it differently.You understand it differently from your family, and your ancestors.Your children will not see it the way you do, nor will theirs. It all keeps changing and so do all of us. We just keep making it through in our time.It would seem as though you feel that you were lied to… that you are angry because what you were told is not a truth to you. It might be truth to them, in some way. If they share their truth with you, does that make it a lie? Does it make it wrong? Except your brothers comment about the rain… I’m not saying anything about that.PS – I posted the third addition to the story project that the Shameless Lions Circle is working on.Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  6. Hip Grandma says:

    Ever wondered why God made some of us fair and others darK.And i believed that children were born fair if their mothers drank a lot of milk and dark when they drank coffee or tea during their pregnancy.But then my mother drank neither tea nor coffee and I concluded that she must have given it up after I was born!No posts recently.Busy?

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