let it be……

few days seem better, few seem good and few seem great.
is it the thought that flows in your mind that depicts the days?
if it is then let their be free thoughts of life…like a flowing river, that moves between green jungles and pleasant valleys.that quenches thirst for the living and takes in the souls..let it be like the Ganges….pure yet real…lost yet finds it’s soul in the soul called Varanasi….

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what and whom does me listen toooooooooooooo

then there was no no there were days of no work……

i end up deciding ways to spend time when i am no working. so here i was trying to value time i have and make a way to the creative juices.however i realised that i do excatly the oposite of what someone tells me including my own mind!!!!!!!!


Noticed this pattern in me for the past few years. tend to change few things very often or more like loose interest fast. is it a Psychological disorder? i am not sure. was speaking to a friend yesterday about patterns that effect you. I guess i figured that it did effect me. been trying to get over it and move on. is it possible to sit in a shrinks chair and get the details out? like getting it out of the gut.

hmmm suckered big time in life again i guess……lets see if this month helps and the self analysis brings out a new me………….


today was just another day,as i got up thinking will it end well? It did with a couple of laughs,a fight of jealousy,a few bad words and a few hugs..loadsa work and a warm dinner with him and then back home where my heart is………


there were days when all the light was wrapped up in a single smile
i am still the same , the light is back, so get on the high life and give me the smile. i just discovered this while talking to a friend in a cafe. i realised that the light was shut by me and it needs to get out and spread the magic……..