Why Ya

Conversation between 2 tamilians…

err you got to excuse my broken tamil

wonman – enga pore (where are you going?)
twoman- down town pore ( am going to town)

wonman – why da downtown pora? (why are you going to downtown)
twoman – town ki poyi one peg down poda pore da….(i will go to town and put one peg down that is why)

i am finding this dam jokey ya…..

Number 2

A man takes his pregnant wife to punjabi dhaba..

Man – i want one paneer butter masala and roti packed and also delivered

Dhaba Guy – sir ji i wil pack and all but how i can deliver sirji

Man – why? why cannot you deliver?

Dhaba Guy (lookign at the wife) – sirji that is tho your wife’s job..

he he he dma funy no………

Our Kid

* phot courtsey Google

It is easy to be a father of your child from the day your wife,girlfriend has the news that u are going to be parents. It takes time but at the end of the day he is your own blood and skin.

Now back to someone who has to accept the kid who is not his.It is difficult.It takes a lot of guts and emotion and mighty heart to accept that way.The thing here is your are being judged at every move you make and it is hard way or high way.
If you are harsh on the kid they go like “look at him ill treating the baby”,however if it own father then the tone is “he is making the sure that the little one is not spoilt”.How easy it is twist and turn words ne?

Give the Guy chance and if he sez he is having a difficult time tehn let him know that he is not required to feel stressed and can take his own time.
You might get angry when he yells at the kid,but let him deal with the kid.
Let him be himself with them.
Tell him what the kid likes and dislikes.
Tell him that it is difficult for you too,communicating helps.
Let the kid know that the man has the same importance as you and should be respected.
Make things easy.
You can be the bigger person.
Let the kid and him bond by going out together or let him make the meals for the kid or sketch with him.

When he sez “baby it is hard to accept it at a go and I am trying”.Tell him that he is trying and that is the first step and tell him you love him for that more than ever…

It sure is hard at the beginning but as the days go by it becomes a Child’s Play

things i do and don’t

few days ago i was wondering in the streets of the city i call my second home. i reached there at 12 pm and waited for an hour for P to come and pick me up. that gave me time to sit and think of few things that makes me an individual

1.I am scared to sleep with the lights off
2.I am scared to think about tomorrow.I’d rather concentrate on today.
3.i read a magazine from the back to front
4.i have to have a cuppa coffee when i get up (no matter what time of the day or night it is)
5.i hate to place my bag on the left side of my table
6.i need to read a book in the loo
7.I am the kind who tries to be calm and different always
8.i keep thinking of gifts that i can pick up for close ones when i am rich
9.i have to have to use a chap stick even if my lips are not chapped…
10.i have to eat in this one particular plate and no other….

weird eh….there are many more stupid things like this that makes me what i am………

wisdom tree

many ways have been discovered by humans to hurt themselves.one of those ways is to feel insecure about self. we often feel that when we see someone doing better or sometimes the more we fall in life the more the insecurity peeps in. this might not apply to everyone. it is just that at times we do not realize it. try and see if u are insecure about something and if you are then try and make the heart feel secure.

* picture courtesy Google


the woman in middle is yashoda amma,

the woman who took care of pills and mua and my son….

i owe a lot to her…………

i know that she will be there in our hearts for ever and ever….

to you yashoda mai…


lost in the world is a little child,
running from corner to the center of the globe.

someone pats the child and asked,do you need directions?

no said the child, I enjoy the freedom to be lost and found,
it is a game i have been playing from the day i was born.

that little kid is you and me and the man,someone said his name GOD or SOUL

Little finger

My sister-in-law and my brother have become proud parents of a little boy on the 26th of this December ’07.
This bundle of Joy called Karan has me wrapped up around his little finger.He has the ability to cure any sorrow by a toothless smile or a wail louder than a volcano…may he bring all joy and luck to everyone in his life he encounters and may he be blessed.

Here’s to my love Karan……………..